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Important Ways to Protect a Compensation Injury Claim Arising from A Rental Car Accident

August 04, 2021

Families tired of being cooped up and locked away during the quarantine have started traveling and enjoying the opportunity to go on vacation.  Whether you elect to reconnect with family in another state, visit an amusement park, or enjoy the great outdoors, these summer excursions often involve renting a car.  While motorists tend to be shaken and upset in the immediate aftermath of a collision, the situation can be even more chaotic when you are driving a rented vehicle while traveling.  If you are involved in a collision while driving a rental car, several important steps can be taken to preserve a potential injury claim.  

Seek Medical Care Immediately: If you have  symptoms of injury, you should seek prompt medical care because minor symptoms can be evidence of serious injury.  Immediate medical care promotes the dual goals of improving your prognosis and preserving medical evidence of your injuries.  If the doctor orders any forms of imaging like an X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, or CT scan, the images can provide valuable medical evidence of your injuries.  Further, the other driver’s insurance company might argue that a decision not to seek medical treatment constitutes evidence of fraudulent or overstated injuries.

Speak with Our Experienced Car Accident Attorneys: The financial motivation of the insurance company to maximize profits stands in direct opposition to your goals of recovering the fullest compensation for your injuries and other losses.  An automobile accident lawyer will be familiar with the special issues that arise when you are involved in a collision while driving a rental car.  Depending on the specific facts and circumstances, these issues might include determining relevant insurance coverage, preserving evidence, and identifying potentially liable parties.  

Preserve Evidence: Evidence preservation becomes more complicated when you are behind the wheel of a rental car during a collision.  The rental company might attempt to perform repairs quickly to get the vehicle back in the company’s rental inventory.  However, a lawyer may take steps to ensure the vehicle is kept in its post-collision condition until he and the adjuster for the other driver’s insurance company have had the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and assess the damage.  Evidence should also be collected at the accident scene, including some or all the following:

  • Use your phone to take relevant photos of injuries, vehicle damage, vehicle positions, skid marks, and other relevant environmental factors.
  • Make sure to get the investigating officer’s name, the report number, and contact information to obtain the report.
  • If possible, obtain the contact information of any witnesses with relevant information along with notes on what the witness claims to have seen.

An attorney can provide information regarding other steps to protect the value of your car accident injury claim.  The involvement of the rental car agency in the claims and/or litigation process may often complicate your case, so you should consider promptly seeking legal representation.

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