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Car Accidents Brain Damage Lawyers in Georgia (GA)

May 17, 2021

The term “brain damage” refers to damage to a person’s brain cells. Brain cell damage can occur during the trauma of a car accident. 

Types of Brain Damage from Car Accidents

Brain damage is one possible injury from a car accident and can happen because of a direct blow or another injury that affects the brain. Types of brain injuries from a car accident can include:

  • Concussions
  • Brain bleeds (contusions)
  • Skull-penetrating injuries
  • Anoxia
  • Hypoxia

Each of these injuries has the potential to result in either life-long consequences or death. The brain is extremely sensitive to injury, and a car accident resulting in brain damage can completely alter people’s lives.  

Causes and Treatment of Brain Damage

Brain damage can happen in a car accident due to forceful impacts to the head and due to deprivation of oxygen. The impact of the collision can cause people in the car to hit their heads against pieces of the car or suffer blunt head trauma during overturning or rolling of the car. Any strong impacts on the head can cause concussions, brain shaking, trauma, and bleeding. 

The events of a car accident can also lead to oxygen deprivation that affects the brain. If the brain is receiving no oxygen (anoxia) or too little oxygen (hypoxia), serious brain damage can occur. The course of treatment for a victim of brain damage will depend on the severity of the injury and where it falls on the Glasgow Coma Scale. 

Compensation for Car Accident-Related Brain Damage 

Brain damage is one of the most severe injuries that can happen in a car accident. Victims suffering from brain damage after an accident might be entitled to significant damages, including compensation for future medical care, lost capacity to earn income, and physical and mental suffering. 

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