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Keeping Your Child Safe during Summer Car Trips in Georgia

July 16, 2013

When you suffer serious injury in a motor vehicle collision, the physical, emotional and financial consequences can fundamentally impact your family and quality of life.  The most tragic aspect of car accidents in Atlanta and throughout Georgia is that generally they can be prevented if other drivers take reasonable care to not violate the rules of the road, pay attention to the road and otherwise exercise safe driving practices.  While there is no way to completely compel and ensure that motorists drive in a manner that is safe for others on the road, buckling up can dramatically reduce the severity of resulting injuries and even save the lives of vehicle occupants.  It is especially important to use proper child safety restraints to protect kids when unexpected collisions occur.

Children continue to be exceptionally vulnerable to being the victims of motor vehicle accidents.  Collisions involving cars, trucks, SUV, bicycles and pedestrians continue to be the leading cause of death for kids between the ages of two and fourteen according to the National Center for Heath Statistics.  In a typical day, approximately five children age fourteen or younger die in car accidents while 568 more suffer some form of injury based on data from the organization.

While these statistics may be alarming, this danger can be mitigated substantially by use of proper seatbelts, lap belts, child safety seats and booster seats based on the child’s age, weight and size.  Data from the same organization reveals that proper use of lap and shoulder harnesses by children fourteen and younger can reduce the risk of fatal injury when kids are involved in collisions by as much as 45 percent.  When child safety restraints are employed based on appropriate age and weight requirements, this safety equipment can reduce the risk of fatalities for kids in car accidents by 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for toddlers based on the National Center for Health Statistics data.

With summer upon us, kids spend many hours in the car while traveling to summer camp, activities and vacation with friends and parents.  While using a car seat or booster seat is an important precaution, certain practices can improve the level of protection provided by these child passenger restraint systems.  Because our Atlanta personal injury attorneys recognize that parents are concerned about reducing the severity of injuries suffered by their kids during a collision, we have provided a short refresher on Georgia child passenger safety best practices provided by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Public Highway Safety. 

  • Child restraint system installation should allow a maximum of one inch of lateral or front-to-back movement.
  • Children should be in a rear facing position until they reach the upper limits for height and weight indicated for the child car seat.
  • Parents should carefully review the instructions for the seat and the vehicle owner’s manual regarding proper installation.
  • Rear-facing car seats should not be installed in front of an airbag in the on position.
  • Kids should use a booster seat until the lap and shoulder harness lay correctly across the collarbone and hips.
  • Any child who is age twelve or below is safest in the back seat.

Although these suggestions are provided by a Georgia vehicle safety agency, there are always subtle differences that may be relevant in individual situations so it is a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your child safety restraint system if you have concerns or questions about the safest practices when using a car seat or child booster seat. 

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