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Motorhomes Primed for the Open Road in Georgia and RV Crashes as Summer Approaches

May 22, 2013

With June and summer vacation just around the corner, scorching temperatures and time off from work and school, families are motivated to schedule vacation travel. Many travelers who choose camping will start preparing their motorhome (RV) for the open road. However, motorhomes are heavy, long, and less responsive than an ordinary passenger car. These handling limitations, combined with lack of experience regularly operating a motorhome, can potentially endanger both motorhome occupants and those in the path of these massive vehicles.

Accidents involving all vehicles spike during summer months, especially on major interstates used to travel to vacation locations and in the vicinity of popular getaway destinations. This rise in summer motor vehicle collisions is the result of a high number of miles traveled, more drivers committing DUI as part of the summer vacation celebration and drivers on unfamiliar roadways. These universal factors involved in all types of summer driving make the likelihood of a collision exponentially higher when combined with driver inexperience.

When a motorhome accident occurs in Georgia, the cause may be negligence by the driver of another vehicle, a defective motorhome or unsafe design or construction of a roadway. Some of the most common causes of serious collisions involving RVs include:

• DUI (Drunken drivers)
• Driver fatigue
• Texting, talking or web surfing on smartphones
• Disregarding the speed limit
• Reckless driving
• Driver inattention
• Drowsy driving
• Failure to obey red lights and traffic signs
• Poor vehicle maintenance
• Defective vehicles
• Unsafe roads

When a serious RV crash occurs in Atlanta or the surrounding areas of Georgia, the massive size and weight of motorhomes along with the tendency not to wear seatbelts outside the front portion of the vehicle causes a risk of devastating injury. Because there are a multitude of causes that may account for a motorhome crash in Atlanta, it is important to seek legal advice promptly following such a collision so that an experienced Georgia motorhome accident attorney can assess your claim and initiate an investigation. Critical evidence can disappear, and witnesses can forget essential details if there is a significant lapse in time between a collision and resulting injuries.

At the Georgia personal injury law firm of Montlick and Associates, our Atlanta motorhome accident lawyers have the knowledge necessary, including specific laws pertaining to operation of recreational vehicles. Georgia law limits the maximum weight and length of motorhomes. There are also laws that impose safety-based limits on towing of passenger cars and trailers behind RVs. Violations of these traffic safety laws may increase the risk of a motorhome collision and provide a basis for imposing liability on the operator of a motorhome.

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