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75 Vehicle Car Accident Reveals Danger of Collisions When Driving in Dense Fog

April 10, 2013

A 75 vehicle chain reaction pileup that occurred in Virginia over Easter weekend, which was widely reported in the national media, serves as a grim reminder of the danger posed by adverse weather, nighttime driving and other conditions that impair visibility. While it may seem hard to imagine that a motorist would not observe the carnage of dozens of vehicles piled up until it was too late to avoid a collision, vehicles can travel the length of a football field in only a few seconds at highway speeds. While three people died and another twenty suffered injury in the fog-induced collision, the tragedy could have been worse given the number of vehicles involved in the multi-vehicle collision.

Foggy conditions often cause serious auto collisions because fog minimizes contrasts, impairs perception and limits visibility. When light hits droplets of moisture that comprise fog, it scatters causing a lack of contrast and a dense white background that allows for minimal visibility. Smaller droplets make for more dense fog and diminished ability to see objects and vehicles in the roadway. While commercial airlines often are grounded in dense fog, motorists may continue to drive despite the high risk of a serious traffic accident.

The legal issues and insurance complications involved in multi-car collisions can be particularly tricky and include such issues as the following:

Challenges of Proving Fault: Because there are many parties involved in this type of multi-car accident, there may be many witnesses with conflicting accounts, which makes gathering evidence and proving liability more difficult. Given these complexities, it is important to obtain the police report promptly and seek immediate legal advice from an experienced Georgia multi-vehicle car crash lawyer.

Risk of Comparative Negligence: Frequently, this type of collision involves multiple parties that are liable, which includes personal injury victims. If the insurance company for the other driver can shift fault to the accident victim for contributing to his or her own injuries, the result may be reduced financial recovery by a corresponding percentage of fault.

Logistics of Multiple Insurance Companies: Because there will likely be multiple drivers responsible for your injuries, the process of pursuing a multi-car accident injury claim may necessitate negotiations and litigation against multiple insurance providers.

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