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Our Georgia Auto Accident Lawyers at Montlick and Associates know that those who are involved in a car accident while traveling the streets and highways of Georgia typically have many questions about their options and remedies. Motor vehicles accidents can cause life-altering injuries or the loss of a loved one, regardless of whether you are a driver, passenger, motorcyclist or pedestrian. Our auto accident attorneys have provided this blog to answer general questions about legal claims arising out of car crashes, to provide a resource to other lawyers, and to promote safe practices that can prevent accidents before they happen. While this blog covers the practical, factual and legal issues regarding a broad range of vehicle accidents, we know that you may have specific questions, so we invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorneys.

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GA Supreme Court Rules for Ins. Company in Bad Faith Settlement Negotiations Case

March 21, 2019

GEORGIA – The Georgia Supreme Court has issued a ruling in favor of an insurance company in a bad faith settlement negotiations case, according to an online news report from The Court reinstated a summary judgment order from the trial court that found the insurance company was not negligent in failing to settle within policy limits on a car accident claim.

Trucking Groups Oppose New Underride Legislation

March 19, 2019

United States – according to, legislation that was reintroduced requiring underride guards on large 18-wheelers is being met with opposition by the America Trucking Association (ATA) and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).

Authorities Still Investigating Deadly Florida Tesla Collision

March 08, 2019

DAVIE, FL. – According to an online news report posted by, authorities are still investigating the Tesla collision that occurred last month in Davie, Florida. The collision caused the death of the driver and led to numerous issues for firefighters in putting out a fire in the vehicle’s battery pack.* 

Report: Tesla Semi-Autonomous Features Make Vehicles Less Safe

March 08, 2019

UNITED STATES – According to an online news story reported by, a new report suggests that the semi-autonomous features in Tesla vehicles make them less safe for drivers. Specifically, the Autosteer feature in Tesla vehicles might make them more prone to vehicle accidents, rather than reducing crashes, as the feature was intended to do.

Understanding Georgia Law Regarding Fetal Wrongful Death Claims

March 02, 2019

GEORGIA – In some states in the United States, families cannot pursue legal actions for the deaths of unborn children. However, Georgia law allows for fetal wrongful death lawsuits and actually has a different way of determining when these claims can be filed, compared to other states that allow fetal wrongful death claims.

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