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Our Georgia Auto Accident Lawyers at Montlick and Associates know that those who are involved in a car accident while traveling the streets and highways of Georgia typically have many questions about their options and remedies. Motor vehicles accidents can cause life-altering injuries or the loss of a loved one, regardless of whether you are a driver, passenger, motorcyclist or pedestrian. Our auto accident attorneys have provided this blog to answer general questions about legal claims arising out of car crashes, to provide a resource to other lawyers, and to promote safe practices that can prevent accidents before they happen. While this blog covers the practical, factual and legal issues regarding a broad range of vehicle accidents, we know that you may have specific questions, so we invite you to contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorneys.

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Autonomous, Driverless Vehicles Coming to Georgia

January 17, 2020

GEORGIA-  Driverless cars are coming to Georgia, according to GOVERNING.COM. A portion of the state’s Interstate 85 will be used to test autonomous vehicles. The relevant part of the interstate is named The Ray, and private companies such as 3M and Panasonic are now partnering with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in a project that will bring “refractive bead technology” to the state.*

Roundabouts Reducing Accidents at South Carolina Intersections

January 15, 2020

The construction of roundabouts at several intersections in South Carolina has improved safety and reduced the number of vehicle accidents at those locations. The South Carolina Department of Transportation is considering placing roundabouts at other intersections, based on the success of those currently in use.

Report Released Regarding Tragic Lafayette Plane Crash

January 14, 2020

Lafayette, LA- writes that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) completed its initial report regarding the tragic plane crash that killed five people late last month in Lafayette. The plane was en route to Atlanta, Georgia, but it crashed not long after taking off.*

Alabama Suffers 22 Deaths Over 2019 Holiday Season

January 13, 2020

MONTGOMERY, AL- writes that 22 people died in Alabama in 2019 during the Christmas and New Year holiday season. The period ran from December 20, 2019, through January 1, 2020. The deaths include a four-year-old child who died in a crash in Etowah County.*

Police Successful in Zero Tolerance Program in Rome, Georgia

January 13, 2020

ROME, GA-  The police department in Rome, Georgia, is pleased with the results of its three-week-long holiday program to crack down on dangerous driving, according to COOSAVALLEYNEWS.COM. Operation Zero Tolerance involved patrolling and setting up stationary checkpoints to identify drivers who were violating the law and increasing the risk of traffic accidents.*

Drunk Driving Rates High in Rhode Island

January 13, 2020

RHODE ISLAND- writes that Rhode Island’s rate of drunk driving is high compared to many other parts of the country, placing Rhode Island as one of the most dangerous states in the country to be on the roadway.  A recent study indicates that almost half of the vehicle fatalities in Rhode Island are due to impaired or intoxicated drivers.*

Deadly Tesla Model S Crash Under Investigation

January 13, 2020

USA - A deadly crash took place in California involving a Tesla Model S, according to CARANDDRIVER.COM. The Tesla crashed into a Honda Civic, causing two fatalities, and now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating further.  There is no official word whether Tesla's autopilot system was engaged in the incident as of yet.*

Police Aggressively Crack Down on Drivers Over New Year Holiday

January 10, 2020

AUGUSTA, GA - Officers in Georgia issued more than 5,000 driving citations to motorists around the state during the New Year travel period, according to WJBF.COM. The 30-hours around the holiday were busy for the police force, and the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) commended officers for their hard work policing the roads during the busy and often dangerous holiday.*

NHTSA Investigating Tesla's Autopilot Feature

January 09, 2020

USA- writes that Tesla's autopilot has been a potential factor in eleven collisions so far, and investigators believe that a recent crash could be the twelfth. Late last week, a Tesla Model 3 struck a parked police car. The incident occurred in Connecticut, and a special investigation into the incident is currently underway. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is sending representatives to the site to learn what happened.*

Georgia May Require Universal Seat belt Use by 2020

January 03, 2020

GEORGIA - Lawmakers in Georgia are considering a change to the state’s seat belt law, according to WTVY.COM. While the law does not currently require adults in the backseat of a vehicle to buckle up, the proposed amendment would require every vehicle occupant to use a seat belt regardless of their age or placement in the vehicle.*

Vulnerable Road User Ordinance Designed to Protect Cyclists

January 03, 2020

DEKALB COUNTY, GA- The city of Dunwoody passed an ordinance in November designed to protect cyclists and may be the strictest cyclist law in the state, according to THECHAMPIONNEWSPAPER.COM. The ordinance is not limited to protecting people on bikes.  The “Vulnerable Road Users” law is intended to make the road safer for pedestrians, motorcyclists, scooter riders, emergency service employees and skateboarders.*

Lithium Battery Blamed in Fatal Tesla Crash

January 02, 2020

FLORIDA - The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a report stating that the lithium-ion battery in a Tesla vehicle contributed to the death of an eighteen-year-old boy who crashed the vehicle last year, according to*

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