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Question Remains, are E-scooters Worth it? Safety Concerns Raised

September 19, 2019

ATLANTA – According to an online article at, many are questioning whether e-scooters are worth it given safety concerns.*

A year ago, e-scooters seemed promising given that they avoid people having to walk long distances and are environmentally friendly.  Moreover, e-scooter companies such as Bird and Lime soon became an increasingly popular form of transportation, enabling people to avoid using public transportation and ride shares.

Despite the benefits of e-scooters, they are raising significant safety concerns following their release.  Soon after Atlanta allowed e-scooters on their streets, they quickly enacted rules and regulations to control the use of e-scooters.   Such requirements include banning the use of e-scooters on sidewalks, which people still do despite this prohibition.  The reason for this is because there are not enough bike lanes in the city and many e-scooter users fear sharing the road with automobiles.  This poses dangers to pedestrians who are walking on sidewalks.  Many Atlanta pedestrians have been injured as a result of e-scooter use on sidewalks where they were trampled by a reckless rider.

This past year, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that a local hospital saw an increase in injuries associated with the use of e-scooters which “estimated it receives between 80 and 100 scooter-related injuries per month, ranging from serious head injuries to broken limbs.” 

Unfortunately, this situation has not improved.  There have been a surge in e-scooter related deaths where riders have collided with buses and passenger vehicles.  Most recently, a fourth individual died after hitting into a truck.

The Atlanta City Council could not deny the safety risks associated with e-scooters.  They have pushed for a ban on e-scooter riding between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Not only have e-scooter riders ridden on sidewalks, there is also a concern about students who have been seen riding multiple people on a scooter. 

With the known dangers e-scooters have on people and the environment, it is not a mode of transportation that is worth it for all parties involved. The riders, the companies and their investors and the rest of society are all paying unnecessary costs.   

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