Collision between Volkswagen and Tractor-Trailer in Macon, Georgia

May 18, 2018

MACON, GA- reports that a collision in Macon between a big rig and a Volkswagen resulted in the smaller vehicle becoming wedged underneath the truck. The accident occurred on Monday, May 14, 2018, at about 12:10 p.m. on Holt Ave.* 

The driver of the Volkswagen, 38-year-old Rasheem Shaheed was traveling down Holt when the wide-turning truck crossed close to the center line of the street. Shaheed reportedly sounded his horn before striking the curb and then crashing into the side of the 18-wheeler. The truck, which was being operated by 54-year-old Noah White, had its right turn signal flashing and was marked with a caution sign indicating that it made wide right turns. 

Part of the Volkswagen’s roof was crushed, but the front seat was not severely damaged. Shaheed was transported to the hospital to be evaluated for injuries, but witnesses said that he was able to walk after getting out of the car. 

Crashes that involve crashes between cars and trucks often result in cars “underriding” the tractor-trailers. Statistically, these collisions kill about 200 people every year in the United States. These accidents are often particularly gruesome, resulting in vehicle occupants being decapitated. Many experts say that these types of accidents could be prevented if trucks were required to have side guardrails that would deflect smaller vehicles. 

There is no mandate that trucks be equipped with side guardrails, although rear guardrails have been required since 1998. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has only gone so far as to issue a non-binding recommendation that new tractor trailers be built with side protection. The Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association opposes any such mandate because of the costs, technical issues, and because they believe the guardrails would potentially make parts of the trailer weak or dangerously increase the weight of the vehicles.

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