Jones County Sheriff Believes Dangerous Intersection is to Blame for Multiple Fatal Accidents

March 05, 2017

The renovation of roads and highways in Georgia is great for residents and travelers to have a smooth ride and multiple lanes to deal with increasing traffic. Additionally, renovations and redesigns are typically intended to make those on the roadways safer. However, two recent deadly accidents have shown us that some renovated roadways can cause more harm than good.

A Statham woman tragically lost her life recently when her husband, driving their SUV, failed to stop at a new intersection at Eatonton Highway that crosses Gray Bypass, according to The Telegraph. Instead of stopping, the SUV drove into the direct path of a Chevy van. The woman was asleep in the back of the SUV at the time of the accident, and upon impact, was ejected from the SUV and died at the scene of the accident. The man driving the SUV and another passenger sustained injuries but fortunately survived the accident.

The Statham woman's death was the third death in a mere four days at this particular intersection. The newly renovated Gray Bypass opened in December 2016, and in only two months, three lives have been lost. It is unclear whether the man driving the Chevy van was seriously injured, but he did survive the accident.

What Makes This Intersection Dangerous?

The Jones County Sheriff believes that drivers fail to stop at the intersection of Gray Bypass and Eatonton Highway because they do not know they are supposed to. This new intersection stems from a $42 million renovation project. There is a stop sign on the southbound side of Eatonton Highway that is easy to overlook. While on the scene of the most recent fatal accident, the Jones County Sheriff counted eleven "near misses" where drivers failed to stop when they were supposed to. The Sheriff says that overall, the new intersection is confusing to drivers, making it very unsafe.

The Sheriff also stated that he repeatedly communicated with the Georgia Department of Transportation about the dangerous intersection, urging them to do something to make the intersection safer. As a temporary safety measure, the intersection now has a four-way stop. It will need to be re-designed so that drivers are clearly aware of who has the right of way and whether or not they are supposed to stop at the intersection.

Who is At Fault for Causing this Accident?

While the driver of the SUV failed to stop at the new stop sign at the intersection of Gray Bypass and Eatonton Highway, there is evidence that numerous drivers have failed to stop at this stop sign because of how easy it is to overlook. The Jones County Sheriff's own observations demonstrate to him that the intersection itself is the problem, and not necessarily the drivers.  However, negligent drivers may also share liability in such accidents as well.

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