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Update on Baltimore School Bus Accident: NTSB Says School Bus Driver Had History of Seizures

February 08, 2017

Many readers may recall that just a few months ago, a catastrophic school bus accident left six people dead (including the school bus driver himself) and eleven other people seriously injured. The cause of this accident was not immediately known. After time to evaluate and review the available information, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued an initial report finding that the driver of the Baltimore school bus suffered a seizure only one week before the accident in November 2016, according to CBS News.

In addition to suffering from a seizure disorder, the NTSB report indicates that the school bus driver was traveling at 57 miles per hour in a 30-mile per hour zone before striking the back of a Ford Mustang and slamming into an oncoming Baltimore transit bus. The report also indicates that the school bus driver had a history of previous accidents, but the details of those accidents are not available.

School Bus Driver Had Medical Certificate According to Wife

According to the school bus driver's wife, the school bus driver had a medical certificate that allowed him to lawfully drive in spite of having a seizure disorder. However, the driver did not file this certificate with the Maryland Vehicle Administration, which means he was driving illegally at the time the accident occurred.

What Are the Rules Governing School Bus Drivers?

The number of school bus accidents that occur each year is astounding to many people, especially because we do not always hear about every bus accident that happens. In Georgia, many school bus accidents are underreported, as is the case in many other states. Rules and regulations governing the conduct and history of school bus drivers will vary from one school district to the next.

Given the number of serious school bus accidents recently and the loss of innocent life, it is not surprising that many parents are starting to ask tough questions about the drivers who are in charge of getting children safely from point A to point B. Such tough questions include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

• Does the bus driver have a criminal history?
• Does the bus driver have a poor driving record with the school district and/or state? (i.e., repeated traffic offenses and accidents, etc.)
• Does the driver have a medical condition that may impair driving, such as epilepsy or a history of seizures?
• Has the driver filed any medical documentation with the school district or state?
• How much driving experience does the bus driver have?
• How do I know my kids will be safe?

These are basic questions that all parents are likely to have, and these are questions that school districts should be able to answer. As such, while this Baltimore school bus accident is without question tragic, the aftermath should encourage school districts to take additional steps to ensure they are hiring the most qualified and experienced bus drivers available.

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