Star Trek Actor's Parents to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler Over Recent Car Accident

February 02, 2017

Star Trek Actor's Parents to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler Over Recent Car Accident

Many people have become aware of the untimely and tragic death of the actor Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the Star Trek reboot. The actor was killed recently in his driveway, and the death was presumably caused by a defect in his Jeep. The actor had put his Jeep in park and stepped outside the car, and even though the Jeep was in the park position, the vehicle nonetheless rolled away towards the actor, crushing him against the gate and mailbox of his home.

The actor tragically lost his life, and his accident is not the only one that has involved a known "rollaway risk" defect associated with certain Jeeps. This rollaway risk is part of a much larger recall that is aimed to fix the defect that may have been the reason why the Star Trek actor died. The rollaway defect has contributed to numerous accidents across the country, but the actor's accident is the first to involve a death.

The Star Trek actor's parents are now pursuing legal action against Chrysler/Fiat, the manufacturer of the Jeep as well as other companies thought to be at fault for this rollaway defect. The parents plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the defective Jeep was the cause of their son's death, and Chrysler/Fiat is responsible for the damages that resulted from this accident.

How Do I Know if My Jeep is Subject to the Recall?

Fiat/Chrysler acknowledges that there is a flaw in the design of 2014 and 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees that creates a rollaway risk that turned deadly for actor Anton Yelchin. While Fiat/Chrysler has issued recall notices and attempted to remedy the situation, there are still Jeeps out there that are at risk for rolling away. As part of the coverage of the untimely death of the Star Trek actor, Fiat/Chrysler has urged individuals to read any recall notices they have received in the mail, and to follow all instructions.

Fiat/Chrysler is also encouraging drivers to put the parking brake on when parking and not simply rely on the gear shift by putting it in the park position. For automatic vehicles, it isn't always necessary to put the vehicle's parking brake on. However, having the parking brake engaged is an added safety measure that may help to prevent future rollaway accidents until all Jeeps can be fixed so that the problem does not happen again. If you have a 2014 or 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have not received a recall notice, you should consider contacting your local dealership to determine if the "rollaway risk" recall applies to your vehicle.

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