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One Killed in Tragic Motorcycle Crash on GA 71 in Whitfield County, Georgia (GA)

November 04, 2020

WHITFILED COUNTY, GA- writes that police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred on GA 71 this week.*

The incident happened in the evening close to Dietzen Way. The Georgia State Patrol reports that the victim was headed northbound when a Volvo entered his path, causing the deadly crash. 

Police state that the victim attempted to apply the brakes but was unable to avoid the crash. Instead, the bike laid down on the road and struck the driver's side of the vehicle. The impact caused the motorcyclist to be ejected and thrown into northbound traffic. A Chrysler Aspin reportedly then ran over the victim. Responders declared the individual dead at the scene of the crash. So far, the authorities have not identified the victim. Reports indicate that the investigation is still underway.

Motorcyclists can take steps to protect themselves, but there is little they can do to change the behavior of other drivers on the road. As smaller vehicles, motorcycles are frequently overlooked by others who may enter their right of way. Vehicles making left turns are one of the greatest danger motorcyclists face on the road. Left turns are dangerous when any cars are involved, but in the case of motorcycles, drivers have been shown to fail to notice these vehicles even when they look and even when the motorcycle is directly in their line of sight. 

There is some indication that there are psychological reasons for drivers failing to notice motorcycles on the road. Inattention blindness refers to the phenomena wherein a driver may look but fail to see something directly in their line of sight simply because they do not expect to see the object. Drivers may also change lanes into the path of a motorcycle, especially because motorcycles can end up in the blind spot of a larger vehicle. 

While motorcyclists are more likely to suffer the consequences of a crash, it is the driver's responsibility to share the road with everyone, including smaller vehicles. Motorcyclists can wear bright clothing to increase the chances of others noticing them and not violating their right of way. 

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