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Lyft Accident Injury Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

Ridesharing is a very popular alternative to public transportation.  Typically, people who want to drive for a ridesharing company only need to complete a basic application and submit their information to Lyft to register as a "driver." This means there may be criminals driving at the peril of Lyft customers.  Unlike typical taxi companies, the rideshare industry generally has fewer regulations drivers must comply with to be able to drive passengers for compensation. 

Over the past several years, public transportation revolutionized with the beginning of rideshare services such as Lyft.  Lyft and other rideshare services are unlike traditional taxi services because these companies permit their drivers to use their privately owned vehicles to transport people who are in need of transportation.  Moreover, rideshare companies are a lot cheaper than conventional taxi services.  However, some people believe there are hidden dangers to ridesharing services due to the recurring news stories of accidents and assaults involving Lyft and other rideshare companies.  It is not only rideshare passengers that are getting injured or killed.  It is also ridesharing drivers who sustain harm in accidents and assaults.  Our firm represents people who have been harmed in accidents or who have been assaulted by rideshare drivers.  The time you have to file your claim is limited by law.  

Passengers often choose ridesharing Lyft over taxicabs because they have more choices in which driver they can hire and which type of vehicle they would like to be transported.  For example, Lyft permits passengers to choose which SUV or sedan they can hire.  

Unfortunately, there are many risks connected with ridesharing services.  Most notably, drivers who provide their transportation services through Lyft are often "amateurs" who do not have a lot of professional driving experience.  Also, they might not be well-equipped to drive in certain weather conditions, and they might not have the experience of driving with strangers in their car.  There is no guarantee that the Uber driver's motor vehicle is in safe mechanical condition.  The sedan or SUV that comes to pick you up might not have been serviced several years or might have defective brakes or tires.  Tragically, there is no sure way of knowing how safe a vehicle is when using Uber rideshare services.  

Drivers for rideshare companies, including Lyft, are not "employees" of Lyft but are instead independent contractors.  In other words, Lyft does not have direct supervision or control over its drivers as a typical taxicab company would.  This is one of the reasons why some Lyft passengers have been attacked or abused by their rideshare drivers.

Insurance Complications for Injured Lyft Passengers

Another significant issue concerning the rideshare industry relates to the problem of proving fault and seeking compensation in accidents that involve Lyft drivers.  Although Lyft drivers are required to carry an insurance policy, some auto insurers do not cover "business use" vehicles, and some insurance companies will challenge accident claims when their clients are carrying passengers for profit.  These companies might exclude the Lyft driver from carrying rideshare customers for-profit and will deny claims brought by injured passengers.  Lyft does extend its own accident insurance coverage to drivers; however, this accident insurance coverage may only be available once the driver's personal accident insurance has paid its full policy limits to an injured Lyft passenger.  

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