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Bus Accident Lawyers in Georgia : MARTA Crash Injury Attorneys

Bus Accident Lawyer in Georgia

MARTA Public Transit, School, Charter and Carrier Bus Accident Claims in Georgia

Georgia Bus Accident Law Overview

Buses provide a method of transportation for many people on their daily commutes.  Georgia needs a strong bus system to ensure people are getting to work, school, and everywhere else they need to be on a regular basis.  Just like any motor vehicle accident, though, bus accidents can happen.  Given the sheer size and force of a bus, it should come as no surprise that the injuries sustained by anyone involved in the accident could be catastrophic and potentially fatal.  Although most bus drivers carry out their jobs safely with the utmost regard to the law, some do not and should be held accountable when their negligence causes injury to others.

Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law – Georgia Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus accidents can result in serious injuries because of the size of the vehicles involved, and also may involve multiple at-fault parties.  In fact, when it comes to injuries associated with bus accidents, it is not just the driver of the bus who may be involved, but also the owner of the bus, or the bus driver’s employer.  In such cases, it can be crucial to speak with a Georgia Bus Accident Attorney, who can investigate the facts and circumstances of what happened and advise on the appropriate steps to preserve the injured victim’s right to monetary compensation.

A bus accident investigation can also raise the same types of questions asked about any motor vehicle accident. However, inquiries may be made as to the driver’s disciplinary history, training and driving history.  If the Bus company hired a driver that had a propensity to cause automobile accidents, or negligently trained a driver who caused one, the company can face additional liability.  Regardless, bus companies can normally be held liable for negligent drivers who cause an accident during the scope of employment under the doctrine of respondeat superior.

Factors considered when investigating a Georgia Bus Accident include the following:

  • Driver inattention (texting or posting on social media, talking on the phone or simply failing to keep eyes on the road);
  • Traffic violations such as failure to yield, failure to stop at a stop sign, running a red light, and failure to brake properly or timely;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Weather conditions;
  • The number of vehicles involved;
  • Whether any pedestrians were involved; and
  • Whether anyone involved in the accident subsequently fled the scene.

Different Types of Bus Accidents in Georgia

A person could suffer an injury on a city bus in Georgia as well as a charter or private bus, among others. Because each bus accident can present different scenarios, speaking with a Georgia Bus Accident Attorney at Montlick & Associates can help injured victims and their loved ones understand if any legal options are possible, and what options are the best to take moving forward.  All types of bus accidents can result in serious injuries.  Types of bus accidents include the following:

  • Injuries associated with entering and exiting the bus
  • Multi-vehicle accidents
  • Impacts with pedestrians
  • Reckless driving at the hands of the bus driver
  • Single vehicle accidents
  • Roll-over accidents

Bus accidents involving pedestrians can be catastrophic, as they are not protected inside the interior of a car.

Injuries Associated with Georgia Bus Accidents

Given that a bus accident is likely to involve numerous passengers who may not be wearing seatbelts, the number of injuries and potential deaths can be significant.  Passengers who survive bus accidents suffer a variety of injuries that include the following:

  • Head trauma, such as a concussion and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Broken, fractured, or shattered bones;
  • Soft tissue injuries, such as torn muscles as well as damaged ligaments and tendons, among others;
  • Open wounds and gashes that may require stitches or staples;
  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries, some of which may lead to partial or complete paralysis;
  • Burns; and
  • Internal injuries

Why Contacting a Georgia Bus Accident Attorney is So Important

Many bus accident victims hesitate and are not sure whether seeking the advice of an attorney is a good idea.  Our attorneys at Montlick & Associates offer free consultations to anyone who believes that their injuries resulted from negligence.  Contacting one of our attorneys can be a critical step to protecting your right to compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, Pain and Suffering, punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct rose to the level of gross negligence, and more. Additionally, because there is limited time to file a personal injury claim, due to legal time deadlines as well as the necessity in quickly obtaining important evidence, acting soon after your accident can greatly help preserve your rights. Our attorneys know how seriously such accidents can change a victim’s life, resulting in costly medical care, financial hardship, disability and more.  If you have been  injured in a bus accident caused by someone’s negligence, contact our attorneys today to learn about your legal rights as well as what steps can be taken to protect those rights while holding those resposible accountable.

Be sure to visit our "Guide to Georgia Personal Injury Law" for more information.

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