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Fatal Dog Attack Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

Every year, people die or become seriously injured due to severe dog bites and attacks. According to, victims of serious dog attacks can sustain severe injuries that can require $250,000 to $1,000,000 in "specialized" medical treatment. Many dog attack victims who survive a vicious dog attack may also require reconstructive surgery, such as tissue expansion, fracture repair, skin grafts, and scar diminishment. These medical treatments may also require several medical procedures over a period of several years.

How Do Fatal Dog Bites and Attacks Occur?

It can be difficult to ascertain why the fatal dog attack occurred. Dogs sometimes attack people and even family members when the dog feels threatened, stressed, or agitated. The following are some facts about dog attacks:

  • A substantial number of fatal dog attacks involve "vicious breeds" such as Rottweilers, pit bulls, and other similar large dog breeds (including mixed-breeds). Dog breeds are considered "vicious" when the breed has been historically bred for attacking other animals and/or humans.
  • Newborn babies, small children, and elderly people are particularly at risk for sustaining fatal dog bite injuries. These people require assistance in their care, and they lack the mental clarity and/or physical strength to react quickly and decisively during a dog attack.
  • A person's throat and head are particularly vulnerable areas, and most fatal dog bites are in one or both of these sensitive areas.

Another important thing to realize is that fatal dog attacks can involve dogs with no history of aggression toward people. Moreover, many dogs that suddenly attack people have had a history of being friendly pets. These points should not discourage anyone from becoming a dog owner. However, dog owners should be watchful of their dogs and take the necessary actions that will protect other people from a fatal dog attack.

Georgia's Liability Laws Concerning Fatal Dog Maulings

The surviving family of a fatal dog bite victim and those injured trying to help the victim may face substantial challenges. 

The dog's owner could be held liable for the harm sustained by the decedent's estate, surviving family members, and/or innocent bystanders. Dog bite statutes governing liability vary from state to state. In some states, a dog owner can be held "strictly liable."  Also, Georgia does not grant dogs "one free bite."  Georgia's dog bite statute is a combination of both strict liability and common law. In the state of Georgia, unless the attacking dog violated a leash law or ordinance at the moment of the attack, the victim or victim's family must prove:

  1. that the animal was dangerous and vicious, and
  2. the owner was aware, or the owner should have been aware that their dog had vicious tendencies.

Georgia imposes strict liability when leash laws are not obeyed. These ordinances and laws vary from county to county. If a dog harmed you or a loved one, it is necessary to review your county's leash laws.

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