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Crime Victim Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Attorneys for Victims of Assault, Rape, and Murder

When a criminal harms you or a family member, this can be terrifying, and the impact of the violent, intentional criminal act can cause life-long harm.  If you or a loved one are subject to an assault, battery, rape, sexual assault, molestation, or any other criminal act, the psychological impact can be life-long and debilitating.  Under Georgia law, the perpetrator of a violent crime could be held responsible for punitive damages and compensatory damages.  

Criminal offenders may not have the proper insurance that covers the damages they caused their victims.  In some cases, the property owner may also be liable for not providing a safe environment for their guests.  Injury victims may still seek legal justice in both criminal and civil courtrooms.  A civil lawsuit judgment could result in the wrongdoer's personal assets being recovered to compensate you for your damages and losses.  Moreover, a separate premises liability lawsuit could be filed against the property owner.  

Atlanta Crime Injury and Wrongful Death Claims Attorneys

Our Atlanta crime victim injury and wrongful death lawyers acknowledge that there are unique challenges to these cases.  At Montlick Injury Attorneys, our firm has decades of experience representing crime victims and the families of crime victims who have lost their lives.  During this time, our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients.  Our firm has experience handling legal claims, and we handle the following types of cases:

  • Child molestation, sexual abuse, and rape claims;
  • Assault and battery cases; 
  • Negligent security resulting in criminal conduct on rental or commercial property;
  • Child abuse by childcare centers, coaches, teachers, and school district liability claims;
  • Nursing home resident financial, physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse; and
  • Road rage incidents

Obtain Legal Justice 

When your or your loved one has been harmed by illegal criminal acts, law enforcement and the prosecutor's officer will usually pursue a criminal case against the perpetrator.  The criminal action is meant to "punish" the offender with prison time, legal fines, and other punishments.  In some criminal cases, restitution to the victim is another component of a criminal sentence.  However, many criminal offenders never fully satisfy this part of their criminal sentence.  There is a high burden of proof required in criminal cases, and many people never receive legal justice through the criminal justice system.  Either way, a civil lawsuit could be the only justice a victim or family will receive.  

Should you decide to file a civil lawsuit against the offender or owners of the premise in which the criminal act occurred, you may also be able to impose punishment on the offender who escaped punishment in their criminal case.  In general, civil judgments are often easier to obtain since the standard of proof in civil lawsuits is lower than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard applicable in criminal cases.  Generally, the standard in a civil lawsuit is based on the "preponderance of the evidence," and this only requires that the jury or judge find for the plaintiff by 51 percent or greater.  A civil judgment may impose a "monetary penalty" on the offender.  By way of example only, the prosecution failed to prosecute O.J. Simpson during his murder trial.   However, the Brown family and their daughter's estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against O.J., and they were awarded a recovery by way of a civil judgment.

Insurance Coverages Involving Negligent Security and Premises Liability Lawsuits 

Although a criminal who shoots an innocent bystander might not have insurance or financial assets, the owner of the property or business will likely have insurance coverages to pay claims if found liable for injuries or deaths caused by illegal acts on their premises.  Legal cases that allege failure to provide adequate security may permit victims or families of the victims' families to be held liable for criminal acts conducted on their properties under certain situations.  Our Atlanta crime victims lawyers will carefully investigate past crimes committed on the premises of a hotel, apartment complex, or business and review the criminal history of the area to determine if the criminal act was caused by the failure to provide adequate security.  Our premises liability attorneys in Atlanta work with law enforcement experts to study the crime patterns in the area of the incident to determine if the crime was reasonably foreseeable.  

Criminal Abuse Against Children and Senior Citizens

Tragically, physical and sexual abuse is frequently committed by people entrusted with the care of children and senior citizens.  When a teacher or nursing home staff member violates the trust of parents and family members of the victim, they might be liable for civil damages.  If the school, business, or nursing care facility fails to prevent abuse or report abuse committed by its employees, these organizations could be held liable.  In some cases, the abuser may be a fellow resident.  Our Atlanta criminal abuse injury lawyers are committed to aggressively advocating for victims of crimes and exploring all possible defendants with insurance coverage and assets to enforce a settlement or judgment.

Montlick Injury Attorneys Fight to Bring Justice to Crime Victims 

Our Atlanta crime victims attorneys are dedicated to seeking "financial justice" for crime victims.  A monetary recovery against a party with assets and/or insurance coverage can help you or your loved one receive the financial means to improve your life.  Our Atlanta-based law firm provides the ideal balance of empathy, experience, diligence, and determination to help you or your loved one obtain the best possible results.

If you or someone you love has been injured or if you lost someone in a criminal incident, contact Montlick Injury Attorneys to discuss your case with our attorneys. Our Atlanta crime victim lawyers can provide the ideal balance of experience, empathy, and tenacity to help you in a potential case.  

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