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Car Accident Ulna Fracture Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

The ulna is one of two bones that comprise the forearm.  It is the larger of the two forearm bones.  The other forearm bone is the radius.  The ulna bone also makes up the radio-carpel joint that connects the elbow with the wrist. The function of the ulna bone is to support the upper arm and hands while supporting arm movements.  Ulna bone fractures typically occur when someone falls forward and lands on their forearm or during bike, pedestrian or car accidents. 

When people think about vehicle accident injuries, they usually think of serious, life-threatening injuries such as spinal fractures, amputations, broken legs, paralysis, and other catastrophic injuries.  When a person sustains an ullna bone fracture, they often have the legal right to file a claim against the negligent party to receive monetary compensation for their losses and pain and suffering.

Physical Limitations After an Ulna Bone Fracture

Enjoying Activities - A fractured ulna bone is often accompanied with "range of motion" issue.  In a majority of cases, an accident victim will be required to wear an arm sling to reduce the weight and pressure placed on the fractured ulna bone.  

Perform Job Responsibilities - Ulna fractures make it nearly impossible to perform most arm movements and this affects the victim's ability to perform common job tasks.  A victim who has suffered an ulna bone break will find it almost impossible to move, lift, carry, or reach objects.  A fractured ulna bone makes it very difficult for individuals to perform tasks at home.  In certain situations, ulna fracture victims miss a lot of work or they may even lose their job.  People who have suffered a fractured ulna bone usually cannot hold their broken arm up to write or type on a keyboard.

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