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The primary function of the rib cage is to protect vital organs inside the human body. Broken ribs are typically a result of high-impact blunt force often experienced in contact sports and motor vehicle collisions. When a passenger or driver sustains a rib fracture injury, it is usually due to a collision with the dashboard or the force of a seatbelt in a high-speed collision. In high-impact collisions, passengers may also sustain fractured rib injuries if a vehicle penetrates or crashes into the side of the motor vehicle in which they are riding.

The Hidden Dangers of Rib Injuries

One of the most dangerous occurrences that can happen as a result of a rib fracture is internal injuries. When any bone fractures, it can cause the bone to either break entirely or split, causing sharp edges to tear soft tissues and inner organs. The following is a list of injuries related to fractured ribs, particularly in motor vehicle accidents.

Chest Compartment Syndrome: Chest Compartment Syndrome occurs when a person sustains a severe chest blow, and the injury causes swelling that prevents or slows the flow of blood returning to the lungs and heart.

Lung Puncture or Laceration: Another very serious injury that can occur when a person's rib cage is fractured is a lung puncture. When a rib is fractured, it can be pushed into the accident victim's lungs. When this occurs, the accident victim me sustain long lacerations or lung puncture wounds. These injuries are serious and could lead to death if not treated properly and quickly. Emergency medical services may insert a breathing tube in order to stabilize the accident victim until they reach a local trauma center.

Punctured or Ruptured Aorta: A broken rib caused by a motor vehicle accident may also lead to a ruptured or punctured aorta. This injury can cause substantial internal and external bleeding to death if not quickly treated. A punctured or ruptured aorta will likely require emergency surgical repair to treat the wound.

Soft Tissue Damage: When someone sustains a rib fracture, they also will sustain several types of soft tissue injuries. These injuries may include torn skin tissue, damaged muscle tissue, nerve damage, vein, and arterial ruptures. Soft tissue injuries are often more serious than people typically think. Soft tissue injuries present several symptoms such as swelling, inability to move certain body parts due to pain, difficulty in breathing, bruising, sensitivity to touch, and acute pain.

Heart Damage: Anytime the chest cavity is punctured or fractured, there will be a higher risk for heart damage. This is especially true in motor vehicle collisions because of the inherent accident forces that are placed upon the human body. And fractured rib could puncture the heart resulting in the need for emergency surgical treatment.

Liver Damage: Another very serious injury that could be caused by the intrusion of the chest cavity or fractured ribs is liver damage. 

The Symptoms of Fractured Ribs

Injuries to the chest should always be taken seriously regardless of the level of pain sustained after injury. In some cases, accident injury victims feel dull pain and do not realize that they have sustained a serious injury. Many accident victims make the mistake of not seeking immediate medical attention for their injuries resulting in their tragic death or loss of limb. It is especially important to seek medical attention if you or your loved one has difficulty breathing, as this could be a sign of a severe rib fracture or other serious injuries.

One of the most common symptoms of a fractured rib is that the patient has pain when they breathe, or pressure is placed upon the injured rib, or there is a pain when the patient twists or bends their body.

Legal Help for Rib Injury Victims 

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