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The jaw, otherwise known as the mandible, is a bone attached to the skull which holds teeth in place. The lower jaw, along with the upper jaw (maxilla), joins together to form the structure of the mouth. A fractured mandible is a serious injury that generally requires emergency medical treatment to repair and avoid potentially deadly infection. The short-term effects of a broken jaw include an inability to eat, talk, drink, and breathe. The long-term effects of a fractured jaw can include jawbone dysfunction, facial disfigurement, and chronic pain.

If you or remember of your family have sustained a fractured jaw as a result of the negligent actions of another, you or your loved one may be qualified to obtain substantial monetary compensation. However, state statutes of limitations restrict the amount of time to pursue damages. These damages may include associated medical expenses, decreased quality of life, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party is the most important decision that you will make. Motor vehicle accidents with injuries and substantial vehicle damage can cost an accident claimant tens of thousands of dollars on top of any physical and emotional suffering. Do not delay in contacting Montlick injury attorneys to discuss your legal rights and the actions necessary to protect those important, valuable legal rights.

The Common Causes of Broken Jaw Injuries

According to the national library of medicine, 70% of motor vehicle accidents result in facial injury. Also, men are three times more likely to sustain a fractured mandible than females. The following are the most common causes of broken jaws:

  • Assaults or fights
  • Sports injuries
  • Automobile accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Dental malpractice
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Workplace incidents 
  • Pedestrian accidents

The Signs of a Fractured Jaw

When somebody has fractured their jaw in an accident, the signs and symptoms are usually obvious. Victims ordinarily complain of substantial throbbing pain in their jaw. The following is a list of common symptoms of a broken mandible:

  • Inability to open the mouth
  • Numbness along the jaw
  • Bruising along the jaw
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Obstructed airway
  • Missing teeth
  • Damaged or misaligned teeth
  • Fever
  • Substantial bleeding in the mouth
  • Loss of consciousness

A fractured jaw may also diagnosed through the use of a panoramic x-ray. This x-ray is able to image the complete jaw, which helps an oral maxillofacial surgeon determine if there are additional fractures in the patient’s mandible. Next the patient may need to undergo a surgical operation to set the jaw and place a metal plate with titanium screws. The patient’s upper and lower jaw may even need to be wired together to hold the mandible together as it heals, depending on the type of fracture. After the fractured jaw has healed, the patient may require dental work to repair missing or fractured teeth. These dental and medical treatments are also very expensive. The long-term effects of a fractured jaw can include clicking in the temporomandibular joint, pain, inability to chew solid foods, and other difficult side effects.

The Four Types of Broken Jaws

There are four types of mandibular fractures, including:

  1. Greenstick fractures - Greenstick fractures are bone breaks that are not complete. 
  2. Simple fractures: Simple fractures are also known as closed fractures. Simple fractures are bone breaks that do not pierce the skin.
  3. Compound fractures: Compound fractures are also referred to as open fractures. These fractures pierce the skin. 
  4. Commuted fractures: A commuted fracture is when a bone shatters or has several breaks.

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