This is the third part of our four-part blog post discussing important issues and concerns that are often raised by those who suffer injury in Atlanta SUV rollover accidents. While we have tried to provide a broad spectrum of information, our dedicated Georgia rollover motor vehicle lawyers offer a free consultation so we welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Are there different types of rollover crashes involving SUVs?

The term “rollover” is used generically to describe a range of types of collisions where vehicles tip over during a crash, but there are multiple types of rollover accidents that include:

  • Side Slope Rollover Accident: When the ground beneath a vehicle is significantly sloped, this can cause a vehicle to roll. This can occur when a driver inadvertently departs from the roadway and travels onto uneven terrain or the driver is engaged in off-road recreational activity.
  • Lateral Force Rollover Accident: These crashes are rollovers that most typically occur when drivers try to negotiate turns or curves at unsafe speeds. When motorists try to negotiate curves, freeway entrances and freeway exits at high rates of speed the lateral force of the SUV can propel the vehicle in the direction it was traveling causing the vehicle to turn over.
  • Tripping Rollover Accident (Sideways Skid): This type of collision occurs when the rear wheels lose traction which causes the rear wheels to spin so the SUV moves laterally. The SUV then literally “trips” over a curb, shoulder of the roadway or soft dirt which induces the SUV to rollover. The relatively short wheelbase of an SUV given its higher center of gravity makes them particularly susceptible to tripping incidents.

How important is seatbelt use in preventing severe injury or wrongful death during an Atlanta rollover crash?

According to the NHTSA, seatbelts reduce the risk of a vehicle occupant suffering fatal injuries in a rollover crash by 75 percent. When the driver and passengers of an SUV are wearing seatbelts during a rollover, vehicle occupants mitigate their risk of being ejected or thrown against a hard interior surface of the vehicle. The federal traffic safety agency also reports that vehicle occupants are four times more likely to die if they are ejected from the vehicle during a collision.

While there is no absolute method to avoid a rollover, the information above suggests that the following strategies may reduce the probability that you will be involved in a vehicle rollover crash or prevent more serious injury:

  • Never drink and drive
  • Buckle up properly with both a lap belt and shoulder harness
  • Observe extra vigilance and slowdown in rural areas
  • Obey speed limits particularly when negotiating curves and turns
  • Avoid texting or talking on a cell phone or engaging in other forms of distracted driving

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