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Jeff Beaird

My goal is to get the best possible outcome for my clients.

Jeff Beaird is a highly seasoned trial attorney with extensive experience in workers’ compensation law.

His personal and professional mission is to ensure that every person is treated with dignity, fairness and equal opportunity, regardless of background or station in life. Jeff credits his strong sense of civic duty to his family and their long-standing commitment to advocating for working people. In the 1940s after being hurt working in the coal mines, Jeff’s grandfather became a labor organizer and leader for mine workers and other laborers. Following closely in his grandfather’s footsteps, Jeff devoted his career to representing injured workers and getting them the compensation and benefits they deserve.

Jeff has been practicing law since 1994, and is licensed to handle cases in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Additionally, he has been admitted to the Federal District Courts for the Northern and Middle Districts of Alabama and the Northern District of Georgia.

Jeff has been a featured speaker for Seminars on Disability and Compensation Law and enjoys volunteering for veterans groups, helping educate them about disability issues and benefits. He is also a huge fan of old comics, science fiction, and military history.