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We rely on the products we buy to be safe for their intended use and to perform correctly. Unfortunately, over 30 million injuries occur each year due to consumer products, and 22,000 will die due to product defects as reported by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Hundreds of products are recalled from the American marketplace annually. These recalls help to lower the rates of injuries and deaths, but accident rates remain high despite government efforts to protect consumers. Those injured or the family members of individuals killed due to defective products should have the right to obtain compensation from the product manufacturer, designer, seller, or another involved party.

Types of Defective Product Claims

If you have been injured due to a defective product, you may have what is known as a product liability claim. Such claims will usually fall into the following three categories:

  1. Defective design: Defective design occurs when the product’s design itself is inherently dangerous or defective. Here, the issue lies not in the manufacturing process, but the initial design of the product. Accordingly, if one product is found to have been designed defectively, the whole line will contain the same defect.
  2. Defective manufacturer: Defective manufacturing happens when a manufactured product is flawed due to some error in its creation, even if it is not defectively designed. Errors will often occur due to mistakes made in the factory that builds the product.
  3. Failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions: If a product does not come with adequate warnings or instructions and injuries result, failure to warn could form the basis for a defective product claim. The product’s dangers must not be obvious for the action to stand and the injury must result from the failure to warn or properly instruct.

It is not always easy for someone injured by a product to identify what type of defect led to their injuries. A product liability lawyer can assist by examining what happened and retaining experts to examine the defect in the product. Your product liability action will be influenced greatly by what type of defect it involves, so this is an important factor to identify properly.

The Need for An Experienced Atlanta Product Liability Attorney

Cases involving product defects tend to be costlier and more difficult to pursue than many other personal injury cases. The defendants in these cases are often large corporations that will vigorously defend against a product liability claim, which could greatly harm their business. In addition, defective product cases can involve complex issues of engineering, manufacturing, scientific matters, and more. However, a knowledgeable product liability attorney will have the resources and skill to advise you on what steps are necessary to protect your rights.

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