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Atlanta Limousine Accident Lawyers 

Fighting for Victims of Limo Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia GA

When you hire a limousine service, you expect the drivers to be adequately trained and the luxury vehicles to be properly well-maintained. However, there have been severe limousine accidents all throughout the United States. A few years ago, twenty people were injured in a severe limo accident in New York. One passenger tragically died, and another passenger sustained a spinal cord injury. The crash occurred when the limousine driver lost control of the limousine and collided with a construction zone concrete divider.

In response to the fatal limo accident, the U.S. Department of Transportation closed down the limousine company, alleging the limo company "posed an imminent threat to public safety." The Department of Transportation pointed to the limo company's documented record of safety violations. The record revealed that the company repeatedly hired underage drivers with bad driving records. The family of the decedent filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the limo company.

There have been several high-profile limousine accidents in recent years in which passengers in the limos sustained severe injury or death. Customers of professional limo companies believe that they will receive a high degree of vehicle safety. However, careless or negligent chauffeurs often cause severe limousine accidents when they speed, fail to yield, run stop signs and red lights, drive distracted, or engage in other dangerous driving practices. The length and large weight of a limousine require special driving experience, and reasonable training is necessary for safe operation. When limousines are involved in an accident, the difference in weight between the limousine and a small passenger car can lead to devastating consequences for passengers in the smaller motor vehicle.  

Atlanta Limo Accident Injury Lawyers and Wrongful Death Victims

Our Atlanta limousine accident attorneys at Montlick Injury Attorneys represent victims of limo accidents with diligence and professionalism. Our limo accident lawyers explain your legal rights and options. We also keep you apprised of the progress of your legal claim. We  work closely with medical specialists, accident reconstruction experts when necessary, vocational counselors, and other experts who have specialized knowledge to collect and deliver a compelling presentation when seeking the fullest compensation for injury victims.

Our Atlanta limousine injury lawyers work hard to make sure that you receive medical care to facilitate quick recovery from your accident injuries. If you do not have medical insurance, time is of the essence when pursuing just compensation. Our law firm might arrange for medical treatment to be covered until you receive the proceeds of your judgment or settlement. Deferring medical treatment because of the costs can undermine your health.  

Montlick Injury Attorneys sometimes use investigators to gather witness statements, photographs of the damage, physical evidence from the accident scene. Our attorneys also carefully analyze this accident evidence with accident reconstruction experts to determine fault and prove the liability of the negligent persons who may include:

  • Limousine carrier;
  • Chauffeur;
  • Mechanic (for sub-standard repairs);
  • The limousine company or owner; and 
  • Retailer, designer, or manufacturer of limo or auto parts.

Our Atlanta limousine collision injury lawyers understand the struggles that you and your family face following a limousine accident due to a poorly trained driver or an unsafe limo. Our law firm provides the ideal balance of expertise, empathy, tenacity, experience, and diligence to help you receive the best possible outcome in your case. 

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