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Blog Archive - February, 2022

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Truck Accident Lawyers for Accidents Caused by Lost, Unsecure, or Falling Cargo

February 24, 2022

Although the size and weight of 18-wheeler trucks make them potentially deadly when involved in an accident, one of the most dangerous things about tractor-trailer trucks is the cargo they are carrying. In fact, some of the most deadly accidents involve logging trucks or tractor-trailers carrying heavy equipment. When a semi truck's goods or merchandise becomes loose and falls off of the trailer, any motor vehicle in the path of those falling items could be involved in a severe, multi-vehicle crash. Those motorists involved in such an accident could sustain severe, life-threatening impalement injuries if the objects strike a motor vehicle's windshield. Motorists could sustain burns and other severe injuries if flammable, hazardous, or toxic materials leak or fall from the truck transporting these materials.  

Personal Injury Lawyers for Truck Drivers - Montlick & Associates

February 24, 2022

Discussions about 18-wheeler truck accidents usually focus on passenger vehicle victims and/or injured pedestrians. This is because those who are typically injured or killed in trucking accidents are those people who were riding in smaller vehicles or were pesestrians. In many truck accidents, the truck driver is uninjured due to the amount of steel that surrounds them in a tractor-trailer truck. However, there are some accidents that injure or kill truck drivers.  

Paraquat Lawsuit Attorneys

February 24, 2022

Explaining Paraquat (What you NEED to Know)

Paraquat is a highly toxic herbicide that unfortunately is extremely common in the United States. It has been used by commercial farmers and other agricultural workers in the United States since 1964. It’s predominantly used to control weeds and grasses in commercial crops such as corn, soy, and cotton.

18-Wheeler Rear-End Collision Lawsuit Lawyers - Montlick & Associates

February 24, 2022

If you or a loved one have been harmed in an 18-wheeler accident, you and/or you loved one will tragically endure significant pain and suffering, economic burdens, property loss, and substantial medical costs. This can be an extremely stressful time for your family. Unfortunately, Insurance companies know that these accident cases carry substantial policy limits and the payouts could reach a million dollars or more depending on the facts and circumstances of the accident. Therefore, insurance company representatives and claims adjusters often try to take advantage of the claimants state of mind after an accident. Remember, insurance claims adjusters' top goal is to payout as little as possible or avoid paying on claims. 

According to an Insurance Research Council (IRC) study

  • 85% of accident injury victims who received an accident claim payout were represented by an attorney. 
  • Claimants injured and retained an attorney typically received higher payouts than unrepresented claimants. 
  • On average, accident injury victim claimants who retained lawyers received 300% more monetary compensation than those who did not retain legal representation.

At Montlick Injury Attorneys, we represent clients in trucking accident cases on a contingency fee basis.*** If we are able to represent you or your family member, you pay our firm nothing up front and we are only paid after we recover  a judgment or a negotiated settlement agreement against the individual or company responsible. In the rare circumstance that we are unsuccessful in securing a recovery, you or your loved one will not be charged for our legal services. Working with one of our truck attorneys on your or your loved one's case is an essential step to maximizing your economic compensation after a truck accident.  

Blind Spot Truck Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers

February 24, 2022

One of the most important defensive driving techniques to avoid crashes is not driving in another motorist's blind spot. All motor vehicles have one or more blind spots. Large tractor-trailer trucks have a much larger blind spot than other motor vehicles. 

Sunscreen Cancer Lawsuit Lawyers

February 24, 2022

Are there cancer-causing ingredients lurking in your skin care?

Which Ingredients Should I AVOID?

Many people don’t realize that many popular sunscreen brands use toxic ingredients, which can have cancer-causing properties.There are four ingredients it is crucial you look out for and AVOID. These ingredients are oxybenzene, octinoxate, parabens, and fragrance.

Paraquat Claims Attorney - Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law

February 22, 2022

What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Paraquat. 

What is Paraquat?

Paraquat is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States. However, it also happens to be one of the most dangerous. Just one sip of Paraquat can kill an adult, and therefore pervasive use can pose a significant threat to the health and well-being of residents who live close to farms and agriculture.

Georgia Building Collapse Wrongful Death Lawsuit Lawyers

February 17, 2022

Building collapses are either planned or unplanned. For example, a Florida condo building in 2021 tragically collapsed without notice killing dozens of residents and injuring many others. Buildings that collapse due to defective design, poor construction, or any other reason connected to the negligent actions of an individual or business can cause injuries, fatalities, and other serious harm.

Car Accident Burn Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 17, 2022

The most severe burns penetrate several layers of the skin and may damage muscle tissue and bones. When someone sustains a severe burn, they may need painful skin graft operations in order to repair the burn-damaged tissues. Whether the burn victim sustains their injury at work, on the road, or at home, burn injuries caused by a third party could be compensatable under Georgia law.

Hit & Run Car Accident Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 10, 2022

The Georgia Legislature has passed laws requiring drivers involved in accidents to stop and remain at the accident scene. O.C.G.A. § 40-6-270 requires drivers involved in an accident that results in property damage, injury, or death to immediately stop their vehicle at the accident scene and give the other driver(s):

Intersection Car Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 10, 2022

Have you or a member of your family been injured in a "T-bone" or intersection car accident? If the accident was not your fault, and the date of the accident falls within the correct statute of limitations, you or your loved one could be qualified to file a claim to recover compensation for medical expenses, property damages, and other damages. Motor vehicles are commonly designed to absorb the impact of a rear-end collision or head-on collision. However, there are not many safety features that protect drivers and occupants in a side-impact collision (also known as a "T" collision). 

Paralysis Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia - Montlick & Associates

February 09, 2022

Injuries to your spinal cord and neck can lead to life-changing disabilities. When an accident victim's spinal cord is severed or sustains catastrophic damage, the victim could end up paralyzed – unable to move your legs or arms. These types of injuries require significant care and assistance with daily tasks.  

Car Accident Shoulder Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 09, 2022

When people think about motor vehicles accident injuries, they often imagine life-threatening injuries such as spinal fractures, paralysis, severe burns, amputations, and other similar, catastrophic car accident-related injuries. However, less severe car accident injuries cause accident victims the greatest challenges after a car accident. This is especially true in cases of shoulder injuries stemming from car crashes.  

Balcony Railing Failure Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 09, 2022

We trust balcony railings to be well maintained and stable when we use or lean on them. Unfortunately, some balcony railings are not well maintained and give way causing catastrophic injuries – or even death. A fall caused by a railing failure can leave the victim or the victim's family with substantial medical expenses and financial losses. These may be compensated through a balcony collapse claim or lawsuit. 

Stairway Collapse Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 08, 2022

Most people never expect to be injured or lose a loved one in a stairway collapse because we take stairway safety for granted.  Most people just assume staircases will bear our weight when they do not appear to be damaged.  This is especially true when the staircase is made out of solid materials like concrete.  However, staircases can become dangerous when they are not adequately maintained.  Even when defects are detected and repaired, a stairway can worsen in integrity due to constant use over time.  When a stairway collapses, the results can be catastrophic.

Taxi Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia

February 08, 2022

Taxicabs play an essential role in transporting people from one place to another, particularly in congested metropolitan areas. Many people who use taxis believe that taxi drivers are professionals who offer a safe travel choice. While many taxicab drivers take their duties seriously and work hard to transport their customers safely to their destination, some taxicab drivers drive carelessly. When negligent taxicab drivers cause accidents that produce severe injuries to their clients, what legal rights do these taxicab customers have?

Georgia Train Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers

February 07, 2022

Trains have been used for the past 100 years to transport people and goods throughout the United States. Some people use trains to get to work, while others use trains as a means of transportation for travel and leisure. Although train accidents are rare occurrences, the images of train accidents shown during news reports have many people afraid of riding on trains. Train operators work hard to convince the public that trains are a safe and economical way to travel. According to news outlets such as, a person traveling by motor vehicle is at a greater risk of being killed in a car accident than dying in a train crash. 

Car Accident Amputation Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

February 07, 2022

 The tragic loss of a limb in a car accident makes life more challenging.  While amputations are rare, amputations can happen because of a car accident, motorcycle accidents, construction site accidents, and accidents involving power tools and heavy machinery.

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