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Blog Archive - January, 2022

61 Articles

The Impact of Adverse Weather on Liability for Car Accidents

January 27, 2022

An auto accident can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as vehicle design or manufacturing defects, driver negligence, the weather, or even inadequately maintained roadways.  If you experience injury caused by the the negligence of a third party, whether another driver, manufacturer of your car, or even a public entity responsible for roadway design or maintenance, you might have the right to compensation for your injuries, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.  In basic terms, negligence in the context of an auto accident is an act or omission that does not conform to a reasonable standard of care to prevent an accident which causes injury or property damage.  

While bad weather constitutes a factor beyond the control of a motorist, the failure of drivers to adjust their driving for weather conditions might even impact liability and the determination of negligence in an auto collision.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or you have lost a loved one, an experienced car accident lawyer can scrutinize your situation and explain your legal rights.

Auto Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes By Montlick Injury Attorneys

January 27, 2022

Drivers making erratic lane changes can cause car accidents resulting in property damage, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death.  When drivers change lanes, they have a duty to ensure that the other lane is clear.  Turning on the turn signal is the first step in executing a safe lane change.   Drivers also must double check for traffic by glancing over their shoulder rather than simply relying on mirrors.

Pit Bull Bite Injury and Death Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

January 25, 2022

Are pit bulls a serious danger to people, or are pit bulls simply misunderstood? This is the central question at the heart of a debate that continues to divide communities throughout the United States. Many people support "pit bull bans" or ordinances that regulate the ownership of pit bulls since this breed of dog is responsible for a considerable number of fatal dog attacks. People who support pit bull ownership assert that pit bulls are loving and gentle and provide excellent protection for families. 

Man Struck By an SUV at the Ponce in Atlanta, Georgia

January 25, 2022

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - According to an online news article published on, a video posted on shows a horrific video of a man being struck and dragged by a car in a parking lot.*  Fortunately, the victim survived the potentially life-threatening incident.  The news report states that the driver involved fled the scene of the collision.

HERO Truck Accident on the I-75/85 Connector in Atlanta Injures Five

January 24, 2022

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - According to an online news report posted on, five people were tragically injured in a motor vehicle accident that involved a Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) truck.* The collision occurred along with the Interstate 75/85 connector in Atlanta, Georgia, last Saturday afternoon. According to Georgia State Patrol, the interstate accident occurred at around 3 PM in the southbound traffic lanes. 

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

January 20, 2022

Representing Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

Traumatic brain injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence in the United States. The Center for Disease Control's most recent available data reports that more than 60,000 people died from traumatic brain injuries in the US in a single year. That is more than 600 traumatic brain injury-related hospitalizations per day. Additionally, more than 220,000 people were hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries—a staggering number that does not even include those traumatic brain injuries that were seen by a general practitioner or went altogether untreated. Those who survive a traumatic brain injury are often left with lasting, serious physical or cognitive disabilities that require costly long-term medical care.

How to Avoid a Bicycle vs. Car Accident - Montlick Injury Attorneys

January 20, 2022

For all commuters—motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians sharing the road is essential to avoid bicycle accidents with injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, the openness and lack of protection for bicyclists and general ignorance of bicycle safety precautions on the part of motorists and cyclists alike, make this mode of transportation potentially more dangerous than it needs to be. When cyclists and motorists collide, especially at high speeds, the consequences can be dire. 

How to Fight Hospital Liens in Georgia Car Accident Injury Claims

January 14, 2022

The Attorneys at Montlick Injury Attorneys Help Their Clients Fight Back Against Illegal and Unfair Medical Lien Practices in Injury Cases

In the State of Georgia, if someone is injured in an accident, and they receive medical treatment from a hospital, nursing home, physician practice, or traumatic burn care practice, that medical provider could file a medical lien to recover reasonable charges for medical treatment they provided to the injured person. Georgia's "Hospital Lien Statute" O.C.G.A. §44–14-470(B) allows hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, and traumatic burn care practices to file a lien on a person's personal injury case for reasonable charges for treatment of an injured person.  

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

January 14, 2022

If you or a loved one are injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another, it is important to avoid making errors or missteps that could jeopardize your potential legal claim. Our experienced car accident lawyers at Montlick Injury Attorneys have reviewed the most common mistakes car wreck victims make after an accident. 

Car Accident Legal Definitions and Terminology

January 13, 2022

Car Accident Case Terminology “A”

It is important that claimants in car accident cases understand some of the general terms that will be used during their claims and negotiations processes. This knowledge allows claimants to follow the steps involved in their cases. If at any time during your case you do not understand a term, ask your Montlick Injury Attorney to define it for you. 

Some general terms commonly used in car accident cases, starting with the beginning of the alphabet include:

Accident Report – The term “accident report” refers to the official, written documentation regarding your car accident. It is usually completed by a police officer or officers who responded to the scene and performed an investigation at the time of the crash.

Car Accident on Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County, Georgia

January 13, 2022

GWINNETT COUNTY, GEORGIA - A news article published on reports that one person was tragically killed in a seven-vehicle accident.* The accident was so severe that all northbound Interstate 85 traffic lanes north of McGinnis Ferry Road were closed down. According to Georgia State Patrol, the fatal accident occurred last Wednesday afternoon. 

Car Accident Collapsed Lung Injury Claim Lawyers in Georgia

January 12, 2022

According to the Mayo Clinic, a punctured lung, also known as pneumothorax, is an air leak between a person's lung and chest wall. The air leak causes air to push against tissue outside of the affected lung, causing it to collapse. Emergency medical treatment is necessary, especially if the injury was caused in a motor vehicle accident since one or both of the person's lungs could collapse. 

ACL and PCL Car Accident Injury Claims Lawyers in Georgia

January 12, 2022

Ligament tears are one of the most common injuries in an automobile collision. Tears to the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) or the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are painful and cause significant impairment and instability of the knee joint. If you or a loved one sustained a knee ligament injury in an auto accident caused by a driver's negligence, you could be eligible to receive monetary compensation. 

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Car Accident Facial Fracture Lawyers in Georgia

January 12, 2022

According to the Cleveland Clinic, when someone breaks a facial bone, they could suffer minor issues or severe complications. This is because facial bones affect speaking, eating, and breathing. People who have sustained a facial fracture might require surgery to repair the fracture. If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered a facial fracture, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

Graduated Driver’s License Programs Reducing Teen Accident Rates

January 10, 2022

Despite progress in reducing the number of teen driving accidents, teen drivers continue to be a leading cause of fatal car accidents.  The progress made over the last several decades in reducing the number of teen motor vehicle accidents is linked to a broad range of effective measures, including graduated driver's license programs, zero tolerance policies for teen drinking and driving, and public information campaigns.  Despite these improvements, the toll in human life and serious debilitating injuries caused by teen drivers remains high.  A quick look at a few statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) illustrates the problem. 

What Auto Accident Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Need to Know About Their Injury

January 07, 2022

There are few car accident injuries as devastating as a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a major cause of disability and death. In 2019, there were approximately 61,000 TBI-related fatalities in the United States. That is approximately 166 TBI-related fatalities every day. This type of life altering injury typically has a permanent debilitating impact that that may rob an accident victim of the ability to walk, speak and think. While traumatic brain injuries are not caused exclusively by motor vehicle accidents, collisions constitute the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries for those under the age of 75. Traumatic brain injuries caused by car accidents are also the most significant cause of long-term serious disability in children and teens.

Montlick Injury Attorneys Answers, "What Are Damages?"

January 05, 2022

The legal term “damages” refers to a sum of money awarded by the court to a plaintiff in a civil case. Generally, there are two types of damages that will come up in a personal injury case: compensatory damages and punitive damages. The amount of damages a victim can recover is specific to the facts and circumstances of the unique case. Therefore, it might not be possible for your attorney to ascertain the exact value of damages for a particular case at the outset. However, our knowledgeable attorneys are usually able to advise our clients on the range of predicted case values once we have assembled all the evidence, learned the extent and long-term effects of the injury, reviewed all medical records and expenses and evaluated the applicable law and strength of evidence.  

Car Accident Femoral Shaft Fracture Lawsuit Lawyers

January 04, 2022

The femur, also known as the "thighbone," is the longest and strongest bone in the human body. The femur bone starts at the pelvis' "ball-and-socket" joint to the tibia (the shinbone). According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), motorcycle and car accidents are the number one cause of broken femurs. Femur fractures are severe injuries that require emergency medical treatment. Medical treatment varies depending on the bone's break pattern, the extent of the damage, and the location of the fracture. 

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