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Blog Archive - April, 2021

119 Articles

Lawsuit Alleges Fatal Marine AAV Accident Was Caused by Critical Design Flaws

April 21, 2021

CALIFORNIA - A lawsuit filed by the families of the nine fallen Marines blames the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) vehicle's manufacturer for "documented mechanical issues" leading to the tragedy that could have been preventable.  The U.S. Marine Corps' command investigation showed a "combination of human and mechanical errors" is what caused the fatal sinking of an AAV off of the San Clemente Island.  The incident tragically killed a Navy sailor and eight Marines.  The Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) released the incident report involving the fatal accident last July.

No Driver Behind the Wheel in Fatal Tesla Accident in Spring, Texas

April 20, 2021

SPRING, TX - According to an online news report published on, two people were tragically killed in a Tesla Model S collision last Saturday.  According to the Harris County Police, there was no driver sitting behind the car's steering wheel that crashed.

The fatal accident occurred in Spring, Texas, which is a Houston suburb.  According to the Harris County Police Constable Mark Herman, there was one passenger in the front passenger seat and another passenger in the rear seat of the Tesla.  Constable Herman stated that the Harris County Police investigators are certain that no one was in the Tesla's driver's seat at the time of the accident.

Georgia's Distracted Driving Law is Beginning to Show Signs of Positive Results

April 20, 2021

GEORGIA - A news article published on AJC.COM states that new crash data is showing that additional enforcement and extra publicity about Georgia's distracted-driving law may be changing the behavior of some drivers.  According to the article, traffic tickets for distracted driving have increased, and traffic accident fatalities have fallen.  Moreover, recent surveys are reporting that most Georgia residents are now fully aware of the hands-free driving law, and it appears that Georgia drivers are attempting to comply.  A new analysis published this weekend stated that Georgia motorists are spending less time on their cell phones.

Study Shows Fatal Car Accidents Spike by 16% Due to Legalizing Marijuana

April 16, 2021

THE UNITED STATES - A  new McGill University study reports that U.S. states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana have experienced a spike in fatal car accidents.  According to the new study, the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents grew by 15 percent, and the number of related deaths rose 16 percent.  The study suggests that if marijuana were to be legalized in all 50 states, the total number of annual traffic-related deaths may increase by 4,843.

JMIR Study States That Speech Data Collected by Voice Assistants Can Predict Driving-Accident Risks in Seniors

April 16, 2021

JAPAN - According to a new Japanese Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) study, voice assistants with special cognitive impairment features can determine a person's driving-accident risk.  The study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research discovered that drivers who were 60 years or older who were in accidents or near accidents had notable changes in their speech features, which indicates that they suffered from some cognitive impairments.

FMCSA Proposes Examination of Rear Impact Guards During a Commercial Vehicle's Annual Inspection

April 15, 2021

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) proposed examining the commercial truck's rear impact guard during a commercial vehicle's annual inspection.  Although rear impact guards have been required on most commercial vehicles for about 70 years, rear impact guards are not required to be inspected during an annual vehicle inspection.  This means a missing or damaged rear impact guard would not prevent the commercial truck from passing its annual safety inspection.

Jury Awards $29.5 Million to Family of Actress Who Suffered Brain Damage Due to EMS Negligence

April 12, 2021

A jury has awarded a family $29.5 million in a lawsuit that alleged their daughter sustained brain damage after MedicWest negligently failed to manage their daughter's anaphylactic shock.  According to the news report, the adult daughter accidentally consumed peanut butter, to which she is highly allergic.  The woman did not know the pretzels she had consumed had peanut butter in them.  The EMS service, MedicWest Ambulance, was the service provider at the event.  The woman sustained a lack of oxygen to her brain under MedicWest Ambulance's care for a few minutes causing terrible consequences.

Nevada Highway Patrol Reports a Spike in Wrong-way Driver Calls and Accidents

April 09, 2021

LAS VEGAS, NV - The Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command has reported that the number of wrong-way driver calls has surged in 2021.  The Nevada Highway Patrol reported that they have received around 140 phone calls from January 1 to April 6 in 2021. During the same time frame in 2020, there were 128 wrong-way calls. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, this troubling trend has law enforcement officials throughout the United States initiating new safety campaigns.  

Wrong-way Accidents Are Up 30% in Utah in 2021

April 09, 2021

UTAH - A news report published on states that Utah Highway Patrol's Lieutenant Nick Street conducted a conference call with other state highway patrol troopers' administrators.  Lieutenant Street stated that the discussion shifted to a serious problem that had been weighing on his mind: head-on accidents caused by wrong-way drivers.

Returning to Normal Life and Dangerous Driving Habits Could Be a Recipe for Serious Car Accidents

April 08, 2021

The 35% drop in motor vehicle traffic in 2020 due to the COVID-19 business closures and lockdowns has safety advocates concerned about the possibility of a sharp rise in traffic accidents due to bad driving habits.  The preliminary nationwide crash statistics show that fatal motor vehicle accidents have increased by 4.6 percent according to LOSSPREVENTIONMEDIA.COM.

Georgia Suffered an 18% Rise in Traffic Fatalities in 2020

April 06, 2021

ATLANTA, GA - A news article published new statistics showing the State of Georgia saw a significant increase in fatal traffic accidents last year.  According to Channel 2′s Lori Wilson, a speeding driver tragically killed a young mother last year.  Tragically, the fatal I-75/I-85 accident took the life of a 27-year-old mother.  The driver is awaiting trial on a long list of criminal charges, including driving too fast for conditions and homicide by vehicle. 

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