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Blog Archive - February, 2021

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Injured Kentucky Lineman is Facing a 'Life-Long' Recovery

February 27, 2021

LOUISVILLE, KY - A news story on reports that a Licking Valley RECC lineman who was severely injured in Wolfe County was air-flighted and is being treated at Lexington's UK Healthcare.*  The lineman fell about 27 feet when the pole he was ascending snapped off just below the ground.  

National Transportation Safety Board States Helicopter Pilot Was Disoriented in Clouds in the Kobe Bryant Crash

February 18, 2021

U.S. safety investigators reported that the pilot of the tragic Kobe Bryant helicopter accident was flying through the clouds and probably became disoriented prior to the helicopter crash.  According to the news report, the pilot committed an "apparent" violation of federal standards by flying through the clouds because the pilot was flying under visual flight rules.  Flying under visual flight rules means that a pilot needs to see where they are flying at all times during the flight plan. 

Are Georgia's Distracted Driving Laws Being Enforced?

February 18, 2021

ATLANTA, GA - One news channel discovered that one of Georgia's traffic enforcement agencies had permitted distracted drivers to go with a warning. The 2018 Georgia Hands-free Law makes it illegal, with a few exceptions, to touch a cellphone while driving. However, there is interest in ending loopholes that give violators a "free pass on the first offense." Currently, some violators of the Georgia Hands-free Law avoid fines if the violators simply present a judge with an affidavit confirming that the violator has purchased a hands-free device for cellphone usage.

Choice of Vehicle May Affect Women's Injury Risks During an Accident

February 17, 2021

THE UNITED STATES - An online story reports that researchers have recognized that women are more prone to serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash than men. New research now suggests that most of the increased risk of serious injury is linked to the types of motor vehicles that women drive as well as the circumstances of their accidents rather than physical dissimilarities between women and men. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) study found accident testing programs have benefited women as much as these tests have benefited men.

Fatal Multiple-car Accident on I-75 in Cobb County, Georgia

February 16, 2021

COBB COUNTY, GA - A news article published on reports that a 58-year-old Kenyan man for Marietta, Georgia, was tragically killed in a multi-car accident in Cobb County, Georgia.*  The victim passed away at the accident scene after his 18-wheeler truck collided with several multiple vehicles. 

City Seeks to End Pedestrian Accidents By Outlawing Pedestrian Traffic at "Accident Hotspots"

February 15, 2021

MERRIAM, KS - A news story reports that the City of Merriam is considering a new city ordinance that would ban pedestrians from sitting, standing, or being in the median of nine major intersections to reduce pedestrian accidents. Merriam city officials are considering new laws to prohibit pedestrians from loitering, panhandling, standing, sitting, or otherwise being in nine major intersections to improve driver and pedestrian safety.

Several Injured and Tragicall Killed on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth, Texas

February 14, 2021

FORT WORTH, TX - An accident news story on reports that five or more people tragically lost their lives and dozens were injured in a massive multi-vehicle accident that involved 75 to 100 motor vehicles on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth, Texas.* The accident involved semitrailers, cars, and trucks, and the collision resulted in some vehicles landing on top of others.

Tragic, Fatal multi-vehicle Collision on I-75 in Kennesaw, Georgia (GA)

February 14, 2021

KENNESAW, GA - An accident news story from reports that the Cobb County Police Department released additional information about the cause of the fatal accident on I-75 last Thursday.*  According to the Cobb County Police Department, more than a dozen motor vehicles were involved in the accident that tragically killed one person.

Baby Food Tainted with "Significant Levels" of Toxic Heavy Metals: Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, and Mercury

February 11, 2021

THE UNITED STATES: According to CBSNEWS.COM, a new federal government report announces the discovery of toxic heavy metals in popular baby foods. The alarming new government report states that the federal government has found baby food manufactured by many of the country's biggest baby manufacturers to be "tainted" with"significant levels" of toxic heavy metals. The substances discovered included arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. These heavy metals are the most toxic metals to humans and can be deadly to infants and toddlers. These metals also can lead to brain development issues.

Five Tragically Killed in Two Interstate-285 Accidents in DeKalb County, Georgia (GA)

February 09, 2021

DEKALB COUNTY, GA - An interstate-285 accident news story published on reports that a section of I-285 was closed for approximately six hours Monday morning due to two serious accidents.*  The Monday morning rush hour crashes occurred by the Moreland Avenue exit along I-285.  The accident news story reports that five people were tragically killed in the collisions.

Two Children and One Adult Severely Injured in an Accident on I-435

February 09, 2021

KANSAS CITY, MO - According to an online news report published on, a coach for the Kansas City Chiefs admitted to drinking alcohol prior to being involved in a multi-car accident that injured two small children.*  The accident happened as the coach was about to travel to Tampa, Florida, to coach his team in Super Bowl LV.  The 35-year-old man has been a member of the Chiefs organization since the 2013 season.

"Ethan's Law" Honors the Sarasota Boy Killed in a Youth Sailboat Accident Last November

February 09, 2021

SARASOTA, FL - Florida Representative Fiona McFarland has announced that she will be introducing new legislation to honor the memory of Ethan Isaacs.  The 10-year-old was tragically killed a boating accident last November.  The fatal accident occurred during a youth sailing practice.  The child was hit by a driverless boat after its operator lost his footing and fell overboard, leaving the motorboat in gear and moving without an operator. Two other young children were also injured in the accident.

Study Suggests that Sleep Apnea Affecting Truck Drivers May Increase the Risk of Accidents

February 05, 2021

A study conducted by Virginia Tech reported that truck drivers who do not treat their sleep apnea places them and other drivers on the road at risk for being injured in a serious accident.  Daytime fatigue as well as drowsiness are both often associated with obstructive sleep apnea, which can affect a trucker and his or her ability to safely operate a commercial truck such as an 18-wheeler.

Georgia Bill to Observe Daylight Savings Time Year-round Moves Forward

February 03, 2021

GEORGIA -  A Georgia bill to permanently observe daylight saving time (DST) year-round has cleared a Georgia House of Representatives committee this past Thursday.  Advocates for eliminating time changes state that studies have proven that the time changes lead to more workplace injuries, car accidents, and heart attacks.  Representative Wes Cantrell, the bill's sponsor, affirmed these findings to the State Planning & Community Affairs Committee.  According to Representative Cantrell, most people would like to see the end of the time changes.  He also stated that the human body is built to slowly adjust to daylight changes. 

CSX Train Conductor Prevents a Deadly Train-Pedestrian Accident

February 03, 2021

According to a news report on, a CSX train conductor had earned recognition from law enforcement agencies in Georgia for stopping his CSX train before it struck a homeless man lying on the train tracks.*  The news report states that as a result of the conductor's quick actions, no injuries occurred.

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