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Blog Archive - December, 2019

170 Articles

Pedestrian Deaths Reach Ten Year High in Virginia

December 30, 2019

VIRGINIA - In 2018, 123 people died in pedestrian crashes in Virginia, according to RVAMAG.COM.  These tragic fatalities reflect the highest death toll in a decade for the state.  As of mid-December the year, there have been 112 reported pedestrian deaths.*

Tragic Crash on Buford Spring Connector Kills One in Atlanta, Georgia

December 30, 2019

ATLANTA, GA- writes that a crash took place last week on the Buford Spring Connector. The late evening collision killed one person. The victim was attempting to exit but clipped another car. The impact caused the victim to lose control over his or her vehicle, which then veered off the roadway and plunged down an embankment.*

Tragic Crash Kills One on the Buford Springs Connector

December 30, 2019

ATLANTA, GA- writes that drivers experienced delays early this week resulting from a deadly crash that occurred on Burford-Spring Connector over the weekend. The late-night wreck happened while a driver trying to exit at Piedmont Road clipped another car and then drove into an embankment. The driver died at the scene from the crash off the side of the road. The people in the other vehicle did not report injuries.*

Car Crash Injured Two Football Players from Mississippi State

December 29, 2019

STARKVILLE, MS- writes that two college football players from Mississippi State sustained injuries in a serious car accident that occurred earlier this week on Mississippi Highway 25. The two victims were traveling in a Nissan Altima when the driver struck the back of a semi-truck.* 

E-Scooters Causing Problems at NCSU

December 27, 2019

NORTH CAROLINA - E-scooters at North Carolina State University (NCSU) are now linked to many accidents throughout the area, according to BIZJOURNALS.COM.  Injuries ranging from bruises to bone fractures and reports of reckless scooter driving are making some question whether the scooters are anything more than a menace.*

Iowa Wrong-Way Crash Tragically Kills Two

December 26, 2019

IOWA- writes that a fatal collision occurred last week in Iowa. The incident involved a driver who entered a highway traveling the wrong direction leading to a high-speed head-on collision. The crash happened in the late morning on Interstate 35 near Clear Lake.*

New Report Details Deadly Blast in Alabama

December 26, 2019

ALABAMA- The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently issued a report on a fatal pipeline explosion that occurred in Alabama in 2016, according to NYDAILYNEWS.COM. The tragic event killed two people, injured four others and caused delays in the shipment of fuel supplies to the Eastern Seaboard.*

Two Injured in Head-On Collision Near Goshen, Indiana

December 25, 2019

GOSHEN, IN- writes that an SUV and a sedan collided head-on earlier this week on C.R. 42. Police say that the driver operating the SUV traveled across the center line and into the path of the sedan. The drivers both suffered injuries in the impact and responders transported them to the Goshen Hospital for treatment.*

Police Crack Down on Distracted Driving in Georgia

December 24, 2019

GEORGIA - Fatal auto crashes are occurring more often in South Georgia, and in response to the higher number of tragic deaths, police are cracking down on distracted driving by bringing in state led operations, according to WALB.COM. The campaign, known as Operation Rolling Thunder, started this month in Albany, Georgia. Police already issued a number of citations, warnings and arrested others for distracted driving.

Nine-Year-Old Child Tragically Killed by School Bus in Bethesda

December 23, 2019

BETHESDA, MD- writes that a school bus hit and killed a nine-year-old girl moments after it dropped her off. The incident occurred in the afternoon late last week when the Montgomery County Public School bus dropped the child off at her stop after leaving the Bradley Hills Elementary School. The school is located about two miles from the site of the tragic accident.*

Self-Driving Car Technology Advancing Slowly

December 23, 2019

USA- As 2019 comes to a close, carmakers and tech companies are falling short on many promises to bring self-driving vehicles to this decade, according to YAKTRINEWS.COM. Tesla's Elon Musk originally spoke of ambitious driverless cross country travels by 2017. GM promised self-driving rides by 2019, while Ford gave itself until 2021.* 

Historic Bridge To Connect Duluth and Johns Creek Once Restored

December 23, 2019

GEORGIA- A historic bridge built in 1912 is being restored to serve as a pedestrian walkway between Fulton County and Gwinnett County, according to PATCH.COM. The bridge is in poor condition currently, but the two counties and the cities of Johns Creek and Duluth came together to provide funding for the restoration.*

Ten “Hotspots” for Car Accidents Over the Holidays

December 23, 2019

USA- The writes that some of the most dangerous roads for holiday travel are located in Atlanta, Georgia. A study that covered more than 200,000 highway crashes found that Interstate 20, Interstate 75, and Interstate 85 Downtown Connector area is the number one most dangerous place to be driving over the holiday season.*

Police Arrest Hit-and-Run Suspect in Port Wentworth, Georgia

December 23, 2019

PORT WENTWORTH, GA- writes that police apprehended a suspect who they believe committed a hit-and-run crash earlier this week. The driver allegedly struck a woman in the Food Lion parking lot early in the morning on Highway 21. The victim was in the parking lot helping the other driver jump his car.*

Tragic Crash in Columbia County Florida Kills Three

December 23, 2019

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL- writes that three people died in a collision on US 441 earlier this week. The crash took place in the evening when a 73-year-old man driving a 2003 Ford Explorer southbound rear-end the vehicle in front of him, a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado. The driver of the Silverado, a 37-year-old man, lost control of his vehicle and veered across the center line and into a 2016 Kia Soul. A 2001 Ford F-250 driven by a 28-year-old man, was behind the Kia and struck the right side of the vehicle.*

Head-On Collision Tragically Kills Three in Columbia County, Florida

December 23, 2019

COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL- writes that the three people tragically died in a four-vehicle collision in Columbia County earlier this week. The crash occurred when a driver traveling southbound in a Ford Explorer struck the vehicle in front of him that was moving at a slower speed. The impact led to the driver veering into northbound traffic causing a head-on collision with a Kia Soul.*

National Hockey League Player Tragically Dies in Work-Related Incident

December 23, 2019

USA- writes that a former professional hockey player died earlier this week from injuries he sustained while working at a paper plant. An accident occurred earlier this month and caused the victim multiple broken bones and brain damage. The 59-year-old was airlifted to the Duluth Hospital where his family later made the difficult decision to remove him from life-support.*

Multiple Vehicles Collide in Snowy Collision Injuring Dozens

December 23, 2019

NEW COLUMBIA, PA- The writes that a crash involving more than twelve vehicles injured dozens of victims earlier this week. The accident took place on Interstate 80 in central Pennsylvania in the early afternoon during a snowstorm. According to reports, there were between fifteen and twenty vehicles involved in the incident.*

Teen Tragically Killed in Accident in Greenville, Pennsylvania

December 23, 2019

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP, PA- writes that a teenage girl died in a car crash earlier this week. The victim, a 17-year-old from Greenville, was a passenger in one of the vehicles. The early evening crash took place on Fullingmill Road when the vehicle the girl was traveling in ran through a stop sign.*

Tragic Fatal Crash Reported on Highway 19 in Lee County, Georgia

December 23, 2019

LEE COUNTY, GA- writes that a driver traveling on Highway 19 earlier this week hit the back of a tractor-trailer. The driver, a 63-year-old man from Albany, was operating a pickup truck when he struck the larger vehicle. The man died at the scene of the incident. The man operating the tractor-trailer also suffered injuries in the crash.*

Crash Slows Traffic on Interstate 75 in Macon, Georgia

December 23, 2019

MACON, GA- writes that two lanes of traffic were closed down on Interstate 75 because of a crash. The accident occurred earlier this week, and officers stated that the road would take around an hour to clear. Drivers were directed to find alternative routes to avoid congestion.*

Accident on Interstate 75 in Whitfield County, Georgia Kills One

December 20, 2019

WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA- writes that a crash killed one individual last weekend in the afternoon in Whitfield County. The crash occurred when a Jeep Commander traveling northbound hit a car that was pulled over to the side of the road, and a tow-truck that was on the scene to move the broken down vehicle.*

Vehicle Strikes Two in Evans, Georgia

December 20, 2019

EVANS, GA- writes that an SUV hit two children in Evans earlier this week. The victims were 10 and 12 years old. Both of the pedestrians were on skateboards when they attempted to cross Pheasant Run Drive.*

Head-On Collision on Interstate 35 Leads to Two Fatalities in Clear Lake

December 20, 2019

CLEAR LAKE, IA- writes that a driver from Georgia tragically died in a crash on Interstate 35 earlier this week. The victim was operating a FedEx van and heading southbound in the northbound lanes of the interstate when he struck a Ford F-150 head-on. The 30-year-old man from Georgia operating the van and the 52-year-old man from Iowa driving the pickup truck both died in the crash.*

Car Strikes and Tragically Kills Woman on Interstate 75 in Dalton, Georgia

December 20, 2019

DALTON, GA- writes that a woman died earlier this week while returning to her vehicle, which she had parked on the side of the roadway. The Georgia State Police stated that the victim and her passenger exited a black Honda Civic on the right side of the road. When the woman, a 37-year-old from Resaca, Georgia, attempted to get back into the Honda, police say that she stepped into the right lane of traffic. A commercial vehicle in the rightmost lane of traffic struck the victim. The Whitefield County Deputy Coroner stated that the woman died at the scene of the crash.*

The Offset Crash is One of the Deadliest

December 19, 2019

USA- Millions of car crashes occur in the United States every year, with tens of thousands tragically losing their lives as a result, according to GEARPATROL.COM.  As a result, driving is one of the most hazardous activities that people engage in on a regular basis.*

Weather in Georgia Leads to Several Crashes

December 18, 2019

GA- writes that several collisions occurred in middle Georgia late last week. The weather contributed to the dangers on the roadway leading to numerous crashes and delays in traffic. Multiple morning crashes occurred on Interstate 75. Rainfall and standing water on the interstate made for complicated travel.*

Crash Reported on Interstate 285 South in Georgia

December 18, 2019

DEKALB COUNTY, GA- writes that damp roads in Georgia late last week led to several crashes during the morning and evening commutes. One crash on Interstate 285 led to the authorities closing three or four lanes of traffic. All vehicles traveling south were forced to use just one lane leading to extensive congestion.*

Colquitt County Crash Injures One

December 18, 2019

COLQUITT COUNTY, GA- writes that a severe collision left one man in critical condition last week. The victim's vehicle crashed into a truck at the intersection of State Route 202 and State Route 111. Responders rushed the severely injured man to the hospital via airlift.

Crash on Interstate 475 North Injures Seven

December 18, 2019

MONROE COUNTY, GA- writes that seven people sustained injuries in a crash caused by a large truck. Police were on Interstate 475, investigating a collision that took place at the intersection with Dixie Highway. The collision had blocked all lanes of traffic, leading to a complete standstill.*

Georgia Car Crash Tragically Kills Daughter of High School Band Director

December 18, 2019

GEORGIA- The writes that a head-on collision killed a young woman in Georgia late last week. The victim, a 24-year-old woman from Villa Rica, was traveling westbound on Highway 16 in her Toyota Scion.  The woman attempted to pass another vehicle and lost control of the Toyota while in the passing lane. The Scion struck a semi-truck head-on.*

Officials Taking Second Look at Scooter Law

December 17, 2019

ATHENS-CLARKE, GA- Officials are rethinking a pilot program designed to introduce rentable electric scooters in the city, according to ONLINEATHENS.COM.  Parts of the Oconee Rivers Greenway prohibit the use of any electronic or motorized vehicles. This already has been used to prevent people from using electric bikes on the Greenway. The ordinance would also apply to the scooters.*

Bibb County Deputy Strikes Man on Gray Highway in Macon, Georgia

December 16, 2019

BIBB COUNTY, GA- writes that a police vehicle from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office struck a man on Gray Highway over the weekend. The incident occurred in the evening when the victim, a 69-year-old man, was trying to cross the roadway. The officer was operating a Ford Crown Victoria when he struck the victim.*

Carroll County Woman Unable to File Insurance Claim Because of Malware Attack on GSP

December 15, 2019

CARROLL COUNTY, GA- reports that a malware attack is creating a difficult situation for drivers involved in car accidents during a four day time period last July. The woman told reporters that a collision totaled her vehicle over the summer and that her insurance will not permit her to file a claim because she cannot provide the police report. The police say that yes, the accident took place, but that the report, and an unknown amount of other reports, are missing because of the computer virus hat impacted the Georgia State Police systems.*

Three Deaths Reported on Georgia Highways in One Night

December 15, 2019

ATLANTA, GA- writes that three people died in two separate crashes that occurred overnight earlier this week in Georgia. The first involved a wrong-way driver who caused a head-on collision on Interstate 285. A man operating a northbound Honda in the southbound lanes struck a Chevrolet that was traveling south in the southbound lanes. The drivers, both men, died at the scene of the crash.*  

High-Speed Crash on Interstate 575 Led to Massive Crash in Cherokee County, Georgia

December 13, 2019

CHEROKEE, COUNTY, GA- writes that a driver is in the hospital following a crash that ended a police chase in Cherokee County. Police stated that the trooper was following a 1997 GMC Yukon traveling south on the interstate. The officer carried out what is called a pursuit intervention technique, or P.I.T. move to get the driver to stop. P.I.T. maneuvers force the fleeing driver to make an abrupt turn or stop.*

Crash on Interstate 20 in Mississippi Kills Husband and Wife

December 13, 2019

FRANKLINTON, GA- writes that a couple from the Franklinton-area died in a crash with a semi-truck. The victims, ages 35 and 40, were traveling to visit the husband’s father, who was in the hospital in Georgia. The husband’s father died in the hospital within days of the tragic crash. The couple had five children.*

Seatbelt Evidence Laws Spark Debate in Georgia

December 13, 2019

GA- writes about how in Georgia and 30 other states, evidence regarding a victim’s non-use of a seatbelt has not been permitted in personal injury trials for personal injury claims. This means that if a victim is severely injured or killed in a car crash, the person responsible for the collision cannot argue that the victim suffered those injuries because he or she failed to use a seatbelt.*

Understanding Georgia's Pedestrian Laws Can Help Save Lives

December 13, 2019

GA- writes that many drivers fail to understand Georgia law when it comes to pedestrians in the roadway. Pedestrian’s right-of-way is a phrase we all might have heard but understanding when it applies can mean the difference between safe driving and potentially a fatal accident.*

Hunter from Florida Dies in Explosion in Pennsylvania

December 13, 2019

PA- writes that a hunter from Florida died in an accident involving a propane tank in Pennsylvania last weekend. The heater reportedly exploded, killing the 81-year-old man from Chiefland. The incident marks the third hunting-related death in the state within a week.*

Crash Kills Woman in Youngstown, Florida

December 13, 2019

YOUNGSTOWN, FL- writes that a woman died in a crash in Youngstown earlier this week. The collision took place in the evening on Highway 2301. The woman was a passenger in a truck that was traveling towards the intersection with Commander Lee Lane when the driver apparently was moving erratically. The truck then veered off the road and hit an RV that was parked and abandoned on the roadside.*

Pedestrian Deaths Rise in 2018 in Georgia

December 13, 2019

GEORGIA - Pedestrians are dying in record-breaking numbers in the United States, according to PATCH.COM. The number of pedestrians killed in the country hit the highest number in 28 years in 2018, since 1990.  Georgia saw an increase in 32 pedestrian fatalities from 2017 to 2018.  However, pedestrians are not dying in higher numbers in every state. In fact, 23 states saw a decline in pedestrian deaths, and two states had the same number of pedestrian fatalities in 2018 and in 2017. Nevertheless, there has been a nationwide increase of 4% in tragic pedestrian fatalities.*

The Most Common Causes of Vehicle Collisions

December 12, 2019

USA - At least ten million car accidents occur on the road every year in the United States, according to Fatal car crashes are the third leading cause of death in the United States, following cancer and heart attacks. Car crashes are mostly preventable and with driver education, we can help reduce the amount of collisions that occur. In fact, more than 90 percent of accidents are the result of human error.*

Driver Dies after Striking School Bus on Pucketts Mill Road in Buford, Georgia

December 11, 2019

BUFORD, GA- writes that a collision between a Gwinnett County school bus killed one person. The crash occurred in the afternoon while the bus was transporting students home from school. Five children were on the bus at the time of the crash. Reports indicate that none of the students sustained severe injuries in the accident. The bus driver had a minor injury but did not go to the hospital. The Fire Department says that they assessed two people from the bus.*

Bridge Collapse Leads to New Federal Recommendations for Road Closures

December 11, 2019

MIAMI, FL-  The fatal bridge collapse that occurred last year near the Florida International University is prompting changes to the federal recommendations for bridge construction, according to HERALDMAILMEDIA.COM. The deadly collapse led to six fatalities and injured ten others. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a final report concluding that many errors were made when calculating the load and capacity limits. The company that also performed the peer-review failed to catch the mistakes.*

Fatal Cycling Accidents Continue to Rise

December 11, 2019

USA - The number of people bicycling on American roadways continues to increase year after year, according to PEOPLEPOWEREDMOVEMENT.ORG.  With more people riding bicycles, there are unfortunately more chances of bike-related accidents to occur.*

Fatal Crash on Ferdon Boulevard Kills One in Crestview, Florida

December 11, 2019

CRESTVIEW, FL- writes that a three-vehicle collision killed one individual earlier this week in Crestview. The victim, a 38-year-old man from Laurel Hill, was traveling northbound on Ferdon Boulevard when he veered across the center line and into oncoming traffic. The victim crashed head-on into an Audi that was traveling in the opposite direction.*

Georgia Boosts Ranking for Bike Safety

December 10, 2019

ATLANTA, GA - Georgia recently came in nineteenth in a ranking of bike-friendliness out of all fifty states, according to The improvements are mainly thanks to efforts made in Atlanta to increase safety for cyclists in the city.*

Multiple Vehicles Strike and Kill Pedestrian in Aurora, Colorado

December 10, 2019

AURORA, CO- writes that at least two and possibly more vehicles struck a pedestrian earlier this week, killing the unidentified individual. The incident occurred in the early evening when a person walking on East Smith Road got hit by one car, and then at least one more. The drivers operating both vehicles remained at the scene of the accident.*

Alabama Repelling Accident Kills Purdue Student

December 08, 2019

JACKSON COUNTY, AL- writes that a Purdue University student tragically died in a caving accident in Valhalla Cave over the weekend. The cave is located in Jackson County. The group of five students, including the young victim, a 21-year-old originally from Austin, are all reportedly experienced cavers. All five made the trip from Lafayette, Indiana, where they attend university.* 

Tragic Plane Crash in Chamberlain South Dakota Kills Nine

December 08, 2019

CHAMBERLAIN, SD- writes that nine members of the same family died when the Pilatus PC-12 they were flying on crashed not long after take-off. The tragic accident occurred over the weekend when the family was returning from a hunting trip. Three of the family members survived the crash and are in the hospital recovering from severe injuries.*

Two Killed in Crash on County Road 132 in Live Oak, Florida

December 08, 2019

LIVE OAK, FL- writes that two people died in a crash on County Road 132 in the early morning prior to sunrise. One of the drivers involved drove his Kia Soul over the center median out of the westbound lane and into the eastbound lane where he struck a Buick Rendezvous head-on.*

Pedestrian Struck and Killed on Mableton Parkway in Cobb, Georgia

December 08, 2019

COBB, GA- writes that a car struck and killed a man on Mableton Parkway late last week. The victim, a 63-year-old man from Mableton, was attempting to cross the roadway heading from the west side of the street to the east in the evening. Reports indicate that there is no crosswalk available to pedestrians in the area near the crash.*

Georgia Truck Driver Only Survivor in Tragic Crash on Interstate 95 in Brevard County, Florida

December 08, 2019

BREVARD COUNTY, FL- writes that a truck driver from Georgia survived a horrific collision that killed four men last week in Florida. The crash occurred on Interstate 95 at night. A pickup truck that was hauling a trailer was traveling in front of the semi. The trailer lost an axle, including two wheels. The detached part of the trailer ended up in the semi's path causing the larger truck to swerve and strike the pickup truck.*

Report Indicates Humans are Bad at Riding E-Scooters

December 08, 2019

USA- writes that e-scooters have been attracting attention and controversy across the United States. Heralded by some as cheap, environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and slated by others as nuisances and death traps, it seems that there is no consensus on whether these new vehicles should be embraced or outlawed in cities across the country.*

Wreck on Interstate 10 Kills Two in Florida

December 04, 2019

FLORIDA- writes that a teenage boy from Texas and one other individual died in a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 10 late last week. The Florida Highway Patrol says that the boy was driving eastbound in a 2015 Kia Forte when his vehicle left the road and struck a tree.* 

Motorcycle Accident in Macon Causes Traffic Delays

December 04, 2019

MACON, GA- writes that a motorcycle crashed on Forsyth Road earlier this week. The police have not yet determined the cause of the crash. Reports do not mention any other vehicles. Traffic delays occurred in the area while crews worked to clear the scene.*

Moon Road Motorcycle Crash Kills One

December 04, 2019

COLUMBUS, GA- writes that a fatal motorcycle wreck occurred on Moon Road earlier this week in Columbus. The Muscogee County coroner’s office stated that the victim was a 56-year-old man. The motorcyclist died at the Midtown Medical Center from blunt force trauma injuries.*

Child Killed in Crash in North Augusta, Georgia

December 04, 2019

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC- writes that an eleven-year-old died in a tragic collision earlier this week. The crash occurred at the intersection of Whitney Street and Central Avenue. The Richmond County Coroner's Office identified the child as a girl from North Augusta Avenue. The wreck occurred in the early evening, and the victim tragically passed away the next morning at the Children's Hospital of Georgia.*

Drunk Driver Kills Man Working on Broken Down Truck

December 04, 2019

GREENVILLE, SC- writes that South Carolina Police charged a man from Lawrenceville, Georgia, with driving under the influence after a tragic crash that killed a man on the side of the road earlier this week. The victim, a 51-year-old man, was traveling in a 2000 Dodge pickup truck when the vehicle broke down along Interstate 85. The Greenville County Coroner's office reports that the victim was a passenger in the pickup truck and that he was outside of the vehicle trying to perform repairs when the drunk driver ran off the side of the road.*

Car Strikes and Kills Two on Georgia 400

December 04, 2019

FORSYTH COUNTY, GA - writes that a car struck and killed two people on Georgia 400 late at night last week. Reports indicate that the victims, a man, and a woman, were on the roadway and looking for an item that they had lost.*

News Anchor Loses Vision after Incident with Toy Truck

December 04, 2019

USA- writes that a news anchor with the Today show sustained a severe eye injury because of her two-year-old son's toy truck. The toy reportedly has one very sharp edge. The little boy threw the toy while playing with his mother, and accidentally struck her in the eye. The sharp point on the truck tore her retina.*

Fatal Motorcycle Wreck Shuts Down Butler Boulevard

December 04, 2019

FL- writes that a tragic motorcycle accident killed one person earlier this week on Butler Boulevard. The motorcyclist was traveling eastbound and approaching Hodges Boulevard when he lost control of his 2017 Suzuki motorcycle and veered off the roadway. The victim, identified as a 23-year-old man, lost control of the vehicle and then was thrown from it as the bike flew into the tree line along the roadway.*

AAA Report Indicates Hit-and-Runs are at an All-Time High

December 02, 2019

USA- writes that hit-and-run accidents are increasing around the country. Hit-and-run crashes are any collisions where a driver leaves the scene after the accident before providing aid and reporting to law enforcement. These crashes are a severe problem for many reasons, including that the driver causes added harm to a victim he or she already injured, while also creating economic losses and insurance challenges for the victim.*

Crash on Georgia 400 Kills Two Pedestrians

December 02, 2019

GEORGIA- writes that a vehicle struck and killed two individuals on Georgia 400 late last week. The morning incident appears to have occurred because the pedestrians attempted to retrieve something that had fallen onto the roadway.*

Bolingbrook Crash Tragically Kills Florida Teen

December 02, 2019

BOLINGBROOK, FL- writes that a single-vehicle crash resulted in the death of a teen in Bolingbrook late last week. The authorities identified the victim as an 18-year-old boy from Orlando, Florida. The crash occurred near Remington Boulevard’s intersection with Quadrangle Drive. The teen was operating a vehicle that hit a tree along the side of the roadway.*

Pedestrian Killed in Collision in Sebring, Florida

December 01, 2019

SEBRING, FL- writes that a crash killed a pedestrian earlier this week in Sebring. The Florida Highway Patrol report that the victim was a 33-year-old man from Sebring. The driver, a 62-year-old man from Lake Placid, was operating a 1996 Dodge Ram on County Road 17, heading north near Wendy Road in the evening. The victim was walking on the side of the roadway. The front end of the Dodge struck the victim near a rise in the roadway. 

Two Trucks Collide Killing One on Kansas Turnpike

December 01, 2019

BELLE PLAINE, KS- writes that a man died and a woman sustained injuries in a crash between two trucks on the Kansas Turnpike late last week. The crash occurred in the middle of the night. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the vehicles were both driving southbound when a mechanical error took place in the truck that was in front.  

Fiery Crash Kills One in Hiawassee, Georgia

December 01, 2019

HIAWASSEE, GA- writes that a fatal crash took place on State Route 75 South late last week. The Towns County and White County first responders arrived on site after calls came in regarding the collision.*

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