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Blog Archive - November, 2019

175 Articles

Industrial Accident Kills One in Marion, North Carolina

November 29, 2019

MARION, NC- writes that an accident killed a man from Morganton earlier this week in Marion. The incident happened at a machine company in the early afternoon. The police say that paramedics were treating the 32-year-old victim when they arrived on the scene. The man was unconscious, and after several minutes, the paramedics’ efforts proved to be unsuccessful in reviving the victim.*

Truck Crashes on Interstate 75 in Bibb County, Georgia

November 29, 2019

BIBB COUNTY, GA- writes that tractor-trailer crashed in Bibb County earlier this week, leading to long delays for drivers heading both directions. The Georgia Department of Transportation reported that one person sustained injuries in the crash. The victim's injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.  

Atlanta Roadway Identified as High Risk for Drivers

November 29, 2019

CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA- writes that Georgia State Route 48 is considered a dangerous path to take when driving from Huntsville to Atlanta. The roadway is often congested and seems to be getting more hazardous. The risks are likely to be even higher as the roads fill with holiday traffic.*

Driver Kills Pedestrian on Cherokee Road and then Flees

November 29, 2019

ATHENS, GA- writes that a vehicle struck and killed a man over the weekend on Cherokee Road. The authorities identified the victim as a 25-year-old man from Athens. The victim seems to have been walking along the road when a driver struck him and then left the area.*

Dunwoody Enacts Robust Safety Protections for Vulnerable Road Users

November 29, 2019

DUNWOODY, GA- writes that pedestrians and cyclists are now getting better protection from the city of Dunwoody than from any other municipality in the State of Georgia. The city recently passed what it is calling the "Vulnerable Road User" law, which is designed to prevent vehicles from hitting cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians.*

Vulnerable Road Users Dying in Higher Numbers in Atlanta Area

November 29, 2019

ATLANTA, GA- writes that pedestrian death rates are approaching an all-time high across the country. The problem can be seen in Atlanta as well, where pedestrian and cyclist collisions rose by a whopping 53 percent between 2006 and 2015. Deadly accidents also increased by 26 percent during the same period.*

U.S. Roadways Present Deadly Dangers for Pedestrians

November 29, 2019

USA- writes that 2018 marked a 30-year record in pedestrian deaths across the country. The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that 6,227 people died in pedestrian crashes last year. Studies indicate certain factors are likely driving the problem. Smartphone use is causing all road users to be distracted, and bigger vehicles are making accidents more deadly for the road's most vulnerable users.*

Atlanta Considering Speed Cameras near Schools

November 29, 2019

ATLANTA, GA- writes that the Atlanta school board and city council are considering the installation of speed cameras in locations throughout the city. The cameras would be placed in locations near school zones in the hope of catching drivers speeding through those areas. Officials hope that the risk of being ticketed will make drivers think more about their speed when passing through places where your pedestrians are likely to be present.*

Drivers Blamed for Pedestrians Dying by the Thousands

November 28, 2019

USA- writes that a Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) report indicates pedestrian fatalities jumped by 35 percent in the last ten years. Such a high number of pedestrian deaths has not been seen in the country since 1990. In 2018, 6,227 pedestrians tragically died in accidents with motor vehicles around the country. While the problem is apparent, there is some disagreement as to the cause and the solution.*

Workers Suffer High Injury Rates at Amazon Warehouses

November 28, 2019

USA- reports that employees are suffering higher than average rates of on the job injuries at Amazon warehouses around the country. Amazon is pushing to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. The fast turnaround between a consumer clicking to order a product and receiving that product at their door is part of the success of the massive company.*

Bicycle Accident Statistics in the United States

November 28, 2019

UNITED STATES – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bicycle trips only account for only 1% of all trips in the U.S. yet bicyclists are at a higher risk of accident related injury or death than people involved in motor vehicle crashes.*

Teen Tragically Killed in Crash with Suspected Drunk Driver in Cornelia, Georgia

November 27, 2019

CORNELIA, GA- writes that a teenager died in a tragic car crash this week close to Cornelia. The early morning collision occurred on Camp Creek Road. The victim and two other teens from Habersham Central High School sustained injuries in the crash. Responders transported the three high school students to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center. One of the teens later died from injuries received in the accident.*

NTSB Says that the Coast Guard Failed to Adopt Duck Boat Safety Recommendations

November 26, 2019

UNITED STATES – The likely cause of a boating accident that led to the tragic death of seventeen people in Missouri back in July of 2018 is likely due to the failure of the United States Coast Guard to adopt The National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) safety regulations that have been in effect for twenty years, according to an online new report on*

Vaping Related Illnesses Rise Across The United States

November 26, 2019

USA-  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is closely monitoring cases of the vaping-related lung condition "EVALI," according to EVALI stands for e-cigarette or vaping product associated lung injury, and the new illness is reported to have sickened 2,172 individuals and tragically killed 42. Officials are struggling to understand the cause of this lung injury and to curb the outbreak.*

Girls Injured in Crash by Bus Stop Released from Hospital

November 26, 2019

FORSYTH COUNTY, GA- writes that two sisters sustained severe injuries in a pedestrian accident last week at a bus stop. The young girls, ages six and nine, were standing on a driveway during the morning when a Toyota Camry traveling on Buford Highway attempted to pass their school bus on the right. The vehicle hit the children and their stepfather.*

The 411 on 18-Wheeler Trucking Accidents

November 25, 2019

UNITED STATES – According to an online article at,there are several causes of trucking accidents which include impaired, fatigued, inexperienced and distracted drivers.  Recent federal laws have attempted to address these issues but they have had mixed results.*

Auto Crash Statistics in the U.S.

November 23, 2019

USA - Ninety people lose their lives in car crashes every day across the United States, according to Three million individuals sustain car crash-related injuries annually, with two million of those people sustaining permanent injury.

Pedestrian Tragically Struck and Killed by SUV in Indian Lakes, South Carolina

November 21, 2019

INDIAN LAKES, SC- writes that an SUV hit a pedestrian in Indian Land earlier this week. Emergency responders declared the victim dead at the scene. The driver remained at the crash site. Police identified the man driving the vehicle as being 60-years old and from Fort Mill. According to the State Trooper investigating the accident, the driver was traveling westbound when he veered off the roadway and onto the right shoulder and hit the victim.*

Bus Accident Personal Injury Cases in Georgia

November 20, 2019

In Georgia and throughout the southeast, many people rely on city or county buses to get around cities, suburban areas or to go to school on a daily basis.  This means that there are several buses on the roadway at one time, making it more than likely that there will be frequent crashes involving these large buses.

Alabama Car Crash Facts

November 19, 2019

AL- Alabama is working towards accomplishing zero traffic fatalities throughout the state, over a 25-year period, according to  Statistics indicate that people in Alabama have more than a one out of three chance of being in a crash that results in an injury or death at some point in their lifetime.*

Child in Springfield Tragically Dies After Taking Antibiotics

November 19, 2019

SPRINGFIELD, MO- writes that a child died shortly after taking an antibiotic as treatment for a scalp infection. The ten-year-old girl experienced severe respiratory failure in response to the standard medication Bactrim. The case is now part of an investigation into side-effects of the antibiotic.*

Wrong-Way Driver on Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol Tragically Kills Two in Bethlehem

November 19, 2019

BETHLEHEM, PA- writes that a terrible wrong-way collision killed two people last September. Now investigators believe they know what caused one of the drivers to travel the wrong direction on Route 378, leading to the fiery collision that killed both drivers. The 24-year-old man, identified as a US military veteran of the war in Afghanistan, was on drugs and drunk at the time. The young man also reportedly suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of his time spent in combat.*

Texas Roads are Dangerous, and Here’s Why

November 18, 2019

TEXAS – Among the six most populated states, New York, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida, between 2010 and 2018 Texas was second only to Florida in the amount of traffic-related deaths per 100,000 residents, according to an online report at* 

Pickup Truck Hit’s Teen’s Vehicle Head-On in Tragic Crash in Suwanee, Georgia

November 15, 2019

SUWANEE, GA- writes that a teenager died in a tragic car crash over the weekend. The sixteen-year-old girl was sitting in her vehicle, a Nissan Pathfinder, in a private drive at an apartment complex in the early afternoon. While the girl was waiting to exit the drive, a Dodge pickup truck struck several vehicles and then swerved into the private drive where it struck the teen’s vehicle.*

Police Identify Victim of Fatal Augusta Crash in Augusta, Georgia

November 15, 2019

AUGUSTA, GA- writes that police released the identity of the victim tragically killed in a crash on Peach Orchard Road. Police say the person killed was a 35-year-old man. Reports indicate that the driver was traveling northbound when, according to a witness, another vehicle cut him off. The man swerved out of the way, but in the process, struck a curb. The victim's vehicle rolled over ejecting the man.*

Study on Hazmat Tanker Transportation in China Could Help U.S.

November 14, 2019

CHINA – A study performed by researchers at Chang’an University in Xi’an, China, looked into tankers transporting hazardous materials (hazmat) in China and found that the industry needs some safety improvements. The study, published online on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website, analyzed several years of data from accidents involving hazmat tanker trucks in China.*

Driver Strikes a Pedestrian and Then Flees the Accident in in Manatee County, Florida

November 14, 2019

MANATEE COUNTY, FL- The writes that an SUV struck a pedestrian on U.S. 41 earlier this week while the victim was crossing the road on a green signal. Police report that the victim is a twenty-year-old man from Palmetto. The young man attempted to cross within a marked crosswalk when the vehicle apparently went through a red light, struck him, and then left the scene.*

Two People Tragically Die in Valdosta Crash

November 14, 2019

VALDOSTA, GA – According to an online news report at, two individuals tragically died in an accident that occurred on Interstate 75 south close to mile marker 15 in the early morning hours, per the Georgia State Patrol.*

Pedestrian Struck by a Hit-and-Run Driver in Columbus, Georgia

November 14, 2019

COLUMBUS, GA – According to an online news report at, the Columbus police indicate that a pedestrian was struck and tragically killed by an off-duty police officer who was driving a marked squad car.  The officer fled the scene of the crash, which occurred on Rigdon Road close to the Illges Road intersection.*

Fatal Motorcycle Crash Reported in Lakeland, Florida

November 12, 2019

LAKELAND, FL. – According to an online news report published by, a fatal motorcycle crash occurred in Lakeland, Florida. ClickOrlando states that two people were tragically killed in the collision, which appears to have happened during the course of a left-hand turn by another driver.*

Multi-Vehicle Accident Reported on I-475 in Macon, Georgia

November 12, 2019

MACON, GA. – According to an online news article posted at, a multi-vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 475 in Macon, Georgia. Several emergency agencies responded to the scene, though investigators have released little information about the nature of the accident. It is not clear if anyone was injured.*

Alabama Plans to Make Streets Safer for Pedestrians

November 11, 2019

ALABAMA - Over 6,000 pedestrians tragically died on American roadways in 2018, according to Pedestrian fatalities now account for around seventeen percent of all traffic-related fatalities. The rise in pedestrian deaths is higher in Alabama than the national average. The state ranks seventh out of all states in pedestrian fatalities.*

Distracted Driver Crashes into Mt. Juliet Police Department SUV

November 10, 2019

MT. JULIET, TN – According to an online news report at, four police officers that were conducting an investigation of a three-vehicle accident involving an impaired driver in Interstate 40 were able to avoid injury within moments after a Mt. Juliet Police Department SUV was struck by a distracted driver.  The impaired driver, who was detained in the back of the patrol SUV, sustained injuries in the crash.*

NTSB Urges States to Pass Bicycle Helmet Laws

November 09, 2019

UNITED STATES – The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is urging states to pass bicycle helmet laws, as the agency is reporting a rise in deadly bicycle accidents in the country, according to an online news story reported by Not all states have mandatory helmet laws for riders of all ages, including North Carolina and South Carolina.*

Several Polk Residents Involved in Fatal Crash on United States Highway 98 in Pasco County, Florida

November 08, 2019

A crash involving two tractor-trailers on U.S. 98 in Pasco County on Monday killed a Zephyrhills man. A semi driver from Winter Haven sustained minor injuries. Four other Polk residents escaped injury.

PASCO COUNTY, FL – According to an online news report at, a deadly accident occurred involving two 18-wheelers ended up causing an accident with another semi-truck and two other automobiles earlier this week at the intersection of Stanton Hall Drive and United States Highway 98.

Alabama Woman Seriously Injured in Car Crash on I-84 in Idaho

November 08, 2019

IDAHO – According to an online news story reported by, a woman from Alabama was seriously injured in a car crash that occurred on Interstate 84 in Idaho. Little information about the crash was included in the report, but the woman’s family members have said they are trying to arrange for her to be transported home.*

Multi-Vehicle Wreck on I-74 in Rowland, North Carolina

November 08, 2019

ROWLAND, NC. – According to an online news story posted at, a multi-vehicle wreck that happened on Interstate 74 in Rowland, North Carolina, led to one fatality. The accident appears to have occurred in a chain reaction and was related to a prior collision that had happened on the interstate.*

Three-Year-Old Tragically Dies in Drunk Driving Pedestrian Accident That Also Killed Parents

November 07, 2019

LONG BEACH, CA- writes that a drunk driver struck and killed a man, a woman, and a three-year-old child. The three-year-old was trick-or-treating with his parents and was on the sidewalk when his family was hit by the driver. The boy’s father worked at his family’s auto repair shop and was studying for his medical degree, according to a family friend.*

Traffic Accident Closes I-185 in Columbus, Georgia

November 06, 2019

COLUMBUS, GA. – According to an online news story published by, a traffic accident was reported on Interstate 185 in Columbus, Georgia. The accident resulted in a complete closure of the interstate for several hours. Limited information about the accident itself was immediately released by authorities.*

GHSA Report: Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise in Georgia

November 05, 2019

GEORGIA – According to an online news report published at, pedestrian fatalities are on the rise in the state of Georgia. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released data earlier this year that shows pedestrian deaths in Georgia were far higher in the first part of 2018 than in the first part of 2017.  

Georgia’s Anti-Distracted Driving Law Lowering Traffic Fatalities

November 05, 2019

GEORGIA – According to a news story reported online at, Georgia’s anti-distracted driving law looks to be lowering traffic fatalities in the state. An insurance expert reported to Georgia lawmakers earlier this year that traffic deaths fell in the state during 2018, a change that can be attributed at least in part to the Hands-Free Georgia Act.* 

Motorcyclist’s Camera Helps Lead to Arrest of Driver Who Fled Scene of Fatal Crash

November 05, 2019

BISMARK, ND- writes that a motorcyclist who was tragically struck and killed in a crash two months ago had a camera mounted on his vehicle that has helped police officers find and arrest the driver suspected of causing the crash and fleeing the scene. The crash took place in North Dakota last September on U.S. Highway 85. Based on reports, the motorcyclist attempted to avoid the other vehicle, which swerved into his lane. The victim’s attempt to avoid the crash was unsuccessful, and he suffered fatal injuries.*

Who is Liable in an Amazon Truck Delivery Crash?

November 05, 2019

UNITED STATES – Automobile cases against Amazon's delivery network can be quite complex, according to Buzzfeed News and  Over the past few years, Amazon has chosen at times to use independent delivery startup companies rather than FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you likely enjoy free shipping on thousands of products, and also, the quick delivery turnaround that this membership offers.  In most circumstances, products arrive within two days, however, more and more products show up at Prime members’ doors within a day.

Pedestrian Tragically Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash in North Port Richey, Florida

November 03, 2019

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL- writes that a driver in Pasco County fatally struck a pedestrian early in the morning over the weekend. The authorities identified the victim as a 40-year-old man from Tampa. Based on debris found at the scene of the accident, including parts broken off a vehicle’s chrome bumper, the police believe that the vehicle was a large pickup truck. A bleach buck and a towel found at the scene indicated that the driver might be an employee of a pool maintenance company. The man died at the scene of the crash.*

Left-Turn Accident on Snowhill Rd. in Seminole County, Florida, Tragically Kills Motorcyclist

October 31, 2019

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL. – According to an online news story published at, a left-turn accident that happened on Snowhill Road in Seminole County, Florida, led to the tragic death of a motorcyclist. The victim has been identified by officials, according to the news story, but the drivers of the other vehicles involved in the accident have not.*

Texas is the Third Highest in Vehicle-Pedestrian Deaths in the Nation, Florida Ranks Second

October 31, 2019

TEXAS – Texas is the third highest in the nation for vehicle-pedestrian deaths, according to an online news report published on  The Governors Highway Safety Association put together the Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State report using preliminary data comparing a six-month period in 2017 to a six month period in 2018.  The results indicated that Texas had an increase in pedestrian deaths.

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