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Blog Archive - September, 2017

27 Articles

Automated Safety Systems Have Saved Lives

September 30, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Announce That Automated Safety Systems Have Saved Lives

A study recently released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) concluded that many lives had been saved by autonomous systems used in passenger vehicles. Although the number of vehicular fatalities has risen over the last two years, especially in Georgia, the safety features of many newer cars will likely help prevent crashes that were otherwise unavoidable. However, the IIHS warns that drivers could become complacent and adopt other unsafe behaviors when relying too much on these systems.

How Does Cybersecurity Influence Our Safety On The Road?

September 29, 2017

Our Accident Attorneys in Georgia Discuss How Cybersecurity Influences Our Safety On The Road

Hackers like to hack computers and they do not limit themselves to just hacking into desktop computers. Car manufacturers not only must concern themselves with the safety of their vehicles in the traditional sense, but now they have an obligation to make sure that the computer systems on board their newer vehicles cannot be hacked and render the vehicle unsafe to drive. Utilizing the "Internet of things," computers on board motor vehicles can communicate with others on the road in addition to connecting with other systems and manufacturers for updates. As a result, vehicle operators must have the peace of mind to know that their vehicle's computers will work properly. Otherwise, their life and the lives of all others on the road can be in jeopardy.

A Warning About Relying On Pain Medication After An Accident

September 28, 2017

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers Warn About Relying On Pain Medication After An Accident

At Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand the pain and suffering you endure every day from your Georgia car wreck, slip and fall, or Georgia workers' compensation injury. Recovery is not easy. It is completely understandable that you want to get back to your life as it was before you were injured. It is just not that easy in many circumstances. There can be a long, slow, and agonizing road to recovery. We comprehend that the circumstances in which you find yourself are not fair, yet you must persevere and work hard to heal and regain the strength necessary to return to life as you remember it.

The Importance Of Tires In Car Crashes

September 28, 2017

Georgia Car Accident Attorneys Understand The Importance Of Tires In Car Crashes

Tires are more than four points that touch the road. They grip the road so that you can control your vehicle. If tires are in good repair, they will make your vehicle safer, more efficient, and save you money by increasing gas mileage. Tires that are not properly inflated or in bad condition can cause a car to lose control and crash. Our experienced Georgia car accident lawyers understand the significant role tire wear plays in car crashes.

New Study Demonstrates That Fully Autonomous Cars Are A Long Way Off

September 26, 2017

Our Car Accident Attorneys in Georgia Discuss a New Study That Demonstrates How Fully Autonomous Cars Are A Long Way Off

Street signs obscured by graffiti can fool an autonomous car programmed to them and follow their commands. This development creates an apparent problem for next generation automakers and safety advocates who believe that autonomous vehicles will make our roads a safer place. Unfortunately, a computer can only work in accordance with its program and cannot reason beyond the algorithms programmers commanded it to obey. This development has the potential to set the technology back. The development also raises a number of liability questions. At Montlick & Associates, our Georgia car accident lawyers will continue to monitor emerging technologies and determine who might be liable for damages if autonomous vehicle technology fails.

Methods For Avoiding Rollover Crashes in Georgia

September 24, 2017

Georgia Rollover Accident Attorneys Address Methods For Avoiding Rollover Crashes

Rollover crashes have a higher fatality rate than many other types of crashes. That is why it is critically important that drivers understand ways to avoid situations that could cause a rollover accident. Additionally, car owners might wish to explore new technologies that could increase their chances of surviving such serious accidents. Car manufacturers are implementing new safety measures that wil hopefully make cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs less susceptible to rollover accidents while also protecting the vehicles' occupants in the event of collisions.

Road Debris Is A Serious Hazard That Must Be Addressed Promptly

September 23, 2017

Road Debris Is A Serious Hazard That Must Be Addressed Promptly

According to USA Today citing a study performed by the Automobile Association of America (AAA), road debris is responsible for 200,000 accidents and causing 500 deaths over a four-year period from 2011 to 2014. Additionally, 39,000 people suffered varying degrees of injuries in crashes caused by road debris during that same time frame. Over the last 16 years, the problem has grown worse. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a uniform guide for highway cleanup that states can implement as part of safety procedures in the aftermath of incidents on the roads to help combat the growing problem. Unfortunately, implementing this program will solve only a portion of the issue.

The Dangers Of Roll-Over Accidents

September 22, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Discuss The Dangers Of Roll-Over Accidents

At Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have represented thousands of clients who suffered serious injuries or lost loved ones in all types of accidents, including rollover accidents . We know that a rollover car accident is a grave and dangerous event. Even if an occupant of a vehicle that has rolled over is wearing a seat belt, they are subject to incredibly strong physical forces that the human body struggles to withstand. That is why rollover accidents cause death or serious injury in many instances.

Redesigning Intersections To Make Them Safer

September 21, 2017

Georgia Wrongful Death Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Redesigning Intersections To Make Them Safer

The intersection of Antioch Road and Goza Road in southeastern Fayette County is a concern for residents. The intersection, which was recently redesigned, has been the source of many serious car crashes. The residents blame the new configuration of the intersection which has caused increased traffic flow, decreased visibility, and confusing signage. Unfortunately, the death of an 82-year-old woman at the intersection was the catalyst the County Commissioners and locals needed to begin discussing what local authorities can do to prevent further tragedies In that area. 

Protecting Young Lives From Dangers Lurking On The Road

September 18, 2017

Georgia Wrongful Death Lawyers Offer Insights to Help Protect Young Lives From Dangers Lurking On The Road

One of the most horrific experiences a parent could face is the death of a child. Parents will do whatever they can to protect their young from harm, but at some point they have to let their children enter the world and experience life for themselves. For most teenagers, that means learning to drive and getting their driver's license. Teenage drivers are at a tremendous risk for dying – or killing someone else – in a motor vehicle crash. Similarly, child passengers are also in peril when they ride in a car. If you or a family member is the victim of a young driver or your child was injured or killed, contact the Georgia wrongful death attorneys from Montlick & Associates to learn about your legal rights as well as what steps can be taken to protect those rights.

Business Who Are Liable For Accidents But Cannot Pay

September 18, 2017

Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys Address Concerns That Business Who Are Liable For Accidents But Cannot Pay 

Some businesses must run on a shoestring budget just to get by. That can mean cutting corners on many expenses such as appropriate insurance coverage. Hopefully for these businesses, success is right around the corner, and they can take steps to protect themselves and others from economic harm. Regrettably, that does not happen all of the time. Some smaller companies never make it "into the black" and have to scrape by day-to-day. Problems arise if the proprietor of the company is shielding his or her assets from judgment creditors, that is, people who have won lawsuits against the business, by taking advantage of Georgia corporate law while damaging others. Fortunately, the personal injury attorneys with Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law understand this reality and have the experience to know when they must ask a judge to "pierce the corporate veil."

Are Corporate Officers Are Personally Liable For Negligent Supervision And Training Under Georgia Dram Shop Act

September 17, 2017

Atlanta Car Crash Attorneys Ask If Corporate Officers Are Personally Liable For Negligent Supervision And Training Under Georgia's Dram Shop Act

Before we answer the question, we need to have an understanding of what it means for a corporate officer to be personally liable. Under Georgia law, corporate officers are not personally liable for torts of the company generally. Under our system of law, the act of incorporating a business serves to protect the corporate officers and shareholders from personal liability. However, Georgia law recognizes an exception to that principle known as piercing the corporate veil. Piercing the corporate veil means that an injured person is allowed to sue a corporate officer personally instead of only suing the corporation for damages arising out of acts committed by the corporation.

Fatal Chain Reaction Crashes Involving Tractor Trailers In Georgia

September 16, 2017

Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia Reports on Two Chain Reaction Crashes That Involved Tractor Trailers In Georgia

A 36-year old woman tragically died in a chain reaction car crash this Labor Day weekend on I-16, near the middle of the state of Georgia after striking the rear of a tractor-trailer truck. Fortunately, the woman's infant son, who was in the backseat, survived the crash but had some injuries. A car seat properly secured the child. In another fatal accident, a 32-year old woman died when she crashed into a tractor-trailer truck that stopped short on I-85 in Coweta County to avoid colliding with a car that forced the tractor-trailer to stop short. These tragic collisions show how dangerous chain reaction crashes can be.

New Data Regarding Cell phone Usage While Driving

September 15, 2017

Our Caring Car Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia Analyze New Data Regarding Cell phone Usage While Driving

There can be little debate that distracted drivers cause a large number of accidents annually. Along with speeding and failing to yield, distracted driving is often recognized as the third most dangerous behavior in which one can engage while driving. However, the latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) suggest that there was a significant decrease in the number of people openly using their cell phones while driving. The study, recognizes that there are shortcomings in acquiring the data used to conduct the study, but any decrease in cell phone usage is an important first step towards making our roads safer.

School Buses Are Only As Safe As Their Driver

September 13, 2017

Atlanta Bus Accident Attorneys Observe That School Buses Are Only As Safe As Their Driver

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulates the transportation of school-aged children across the country. Not only does the NHTSA issue regulations for the safe school bus operation but also investigates school bus crashes and other incidents involving school buses. The NHTSA has worked closely with other stakeholders such as school districts and bus manufacturers to develop safe and reliable buses to transport our children to and from school and other school-related events. The one thing the NHTSA cannot account for is the utter recklessness of a school bus driver.

Insurance Experts Lend Insight Into Dangers Of Distracted Driving

September 12, 2017

Our Accident Attorneys Report on How Insurance Experts Are Lending Insights Into The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Traffic deaths rose nationwide by eight percent in 2016 from 2015. The eight percent represents an enormous increase and one that has not been seen in quite some time. Many people agree that three major factors contribute to such a rise in motor vehicle fatalities. Those are: drivers distracted by smartphones and other electronic gadgets, greater road congestion, and a younger population of drivers. Two insurance industry experts from Travelers Insurance gave their opinion about the frightening trends and what could be done to reverse them.

Georgia Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Warn Of Dangers Lurking On City Streets

September 11, 2017

Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Georgia Warn Georgians About The Dangers Lurking On City Streets

The simple act of walking down a street should not pose a great danger to anyone, but it does. Pedestrians remain at a high risk of injury or death from being struck by a vehicle. Naturally, walkers are not protected by sheet metal, steel, high-grade car glass, seat belts, and airbags like the passenger of cars. This lack of protection makes pedestrians extremely vulnerable to death and injury. Georgia personal injury laws, however, serve to protect pedestrians from the dangers associated with walking in areas shared with cars. More could be done to protect pedestrians, including encouraging pedestrians to protect themselves.

The Value Of Having Black Box Data in Georgia Truck Accident Cases

September 10, 2017

Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia Discuss The Value Of Having Black Box Data

Almost all new cars come equipped with a black box. The black box, which borrows its nickname from the data recorders found in airplanes, are otherwise known as event data recorders, or EDRs for short. According to automotive industry estimates, 96% of all new vehicles purchased within the last five or six years are sold with EDRs. Having this technology on board assists attorneys like the Atlanta car accident attorneys from Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law prove their case against careless drivers who injured their clients.

Can Smart Cars Help Alleviate Traffic in Atlanta?

September 09, 2017

Our Car Accident Attorneys in Atlanta Discuss: Can Smart Cars Help Alleviate Traffic in Atlanta?

Motorists in Atlanta well know how one fender-bender or some small, seemingly insignificant incident can cause major backups and delays. The problems grow exponentially worse if there is a major incident. Gridlock quickly sets in and tests the bounds of patience – and sanity – as traffic makes people late for work, school, doctors' appointments, and the like. Some say technology can help alleviate traffic congestion while making our ride safer. The Atlanta car accident lawyers with Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law examine the notion that technology might be able to make traffic flow a little easier.

How Occupants Of Passenger Cars Are A Significant Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury

September 08, 2017

Georgia Car Accident Attorneys Discuss How Occupants Of Passenger Cars Are A Significant Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the results of its expert analysis of passenger vehicle safety trends from 2015. The NHTSA defines passenger cars as the typical car most of us own but includes SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks within that definition, as well as any other vehicle that weighs less than 10,000 pounds. The data analysis performed by the NHTSA revealed some interesting, and disturbing trends, in passenger vehicle safety, or lack thereof, depending on your perspective.

Are Shape-shifting Cars A Reality?

September 07, 2017

Our Georgia Accident Attorneys Discuss the Realities of Shape-shifting Cars

Google's parent Alphabet owns a subordinate company called Waymo. Waymo is an automotive manufacturer that is introducing a shape-shifting car into the market. The design is in the testing phase at this time. Essentially, the car's design will allow it to sense danger and then adjust the frame of the car to adjust for impact based on what it perceives it is going to strike. While the design raises questions about the efficacy of the technology, one thing is clear: safety advances in the automotive industry are sorely needed to combat the steadily rising fatality rates in automobile crashes.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia

September 06, 2017

Our Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney Discusses Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia

It is an unfortunate reality that innocent people die every day from the negligent conduct of others.  Whether a person has suffered illness or death because of medical malpractice, or whether someone has died in a car accident because another person was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, an innocent person is gone, and will never come back.  Families will never see their loved ones again.

Tragic Fatal I-20 Parked Car Accident in Georgia

September 05, 2017

I-20 Accident Involving Car Parked on Shoulder of Highway Leaves One Person Dead

Given how fast vehicles travel on the highway, there is a significant risk that if an accident occurs, anyone involved can suffer severe injuries, or even die.  A recent I-20 accident has raised concerns about highway accidents that involve parked cars on the shoulder of the highway, as a late-morning three-vehicle accident on I-20 tragically killed one and injured another.  

Georgia Department of Health Implements New Dog Bite Prevention Program

September 04, 2017

Georgia Department of Health Implements Dog Bite Prevention Program in Three Counties

Dog bites continue to be a public health concern that causes a significant number of injuries to individuals each year in Georgia and throughout the United States.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), only 17% of dog bite incidents are reported, demonstrating that the majority of dog bite cases (83%) throughout Georgia and the United States go unreported.  As such, Georgia has taken a stance and implemented a program to reduce the risk that dog bites will occur in our state. 

The True Costs and Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries

September 03, 2017

Understanding the True Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) – Georgia TBI Attorney Explains

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC), traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) account for a significant number of deaths each year.  Approximately 30% of accident-related deaths are because of traumatic brain injuries, demonstrating that this type of injury is quite prevalent across the United States.  In addition to fatal traumatic brain injuries that take the lives of millions of Americans each year, many traumatic brain injuries result in permanent disability, which is a life-changing situation for both the injured individual as well as his or her loved ones.

Georgia Teens Participate in Safe Driving Program to Learn About Accident Prevention

September 02, 2017

Teen Victim Impact Program Operating Georgia To Teach Teens About Safe Driving and Accident Prevention

Fatal car accidents account for a significant number of teenage deaths each year.  On average, 3,000 teenagers tragically die each year from car accidents.  This averages out to about 60 deaths per year per state.  Because teenage driving deaths are becoming an epidemic, certain educational and support groups have taken action to teach teens just how dangerous driving, as well as how disastrous and tragic the consequences of an accident, can be.

Tennis Star Venus Williams Involved in Red Light Accident That Left One Person Dead

September 01, 2017

Tennis Star Venus Williams Involved in Red Light Accident That Left One Person Dead

Red-light accidents can cause some of the most severe and sometimes fatal injuries.  This is because there is likely to be a significant impact to passengers within the vehicle when two cars collide in the middle of an intersection, as both vehicles are potentially traveling at or above the speed limit.  A recent red-light accident in Florida has many people asking what went wrong.  This particular accident involved 37-year-old professional tennis player Venus Williams.  Most of us know that Venus is one of the best American women’s tennis players our time has seen, and she continues to play today.

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