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Blog Archive - February, 2017

44 Articles

Study Reveals Distracted Drivers Engage in Multiple Forms of Unsafe Driving Simultaneously

February 28, 2017

Study Reveals Distracted Drivers Engage in Multiple Forms of Unsafe Driving Simultaneously

The dangers presented by distracted drivers who attempt to use their cell phones behind the wheel rather than focusing on potential road hazards, stopped traffic, and pedestrians in the roadway have been well-documented. The problem is significant enough that federal agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board have called for a complete ban of cell phones by those operating any type of motor vehicle. While the use of a cell phone to send, read and compose text messages or make telephone calls poses an enormous risk to other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians, a new study suggests that there may be more bad news regarding inattentive drivers.

Ways Motorists Can Reduce the Risk of Auto Accidents Caused by Sleep Deprivation

February 27, 2017

While the danger posed by cell phone use and drunk drivers have grabbed more headlines recently, drivers who are operating a motor vehicle with limited sleep may pose a risk that deserves a comparable amount of focus by traffic safety regulators. While it can be difficult to ascertain the precise number of accidents and injuries caused by drowsy driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that at least 2.5 percent of all traffic-related fatalities and approximately 2 percent of injuries suffered in car accidents are a product of fatigued drivers.

Unrestrained Pets a Growing Car Accident Risk in Georgia

February 27, 2017

When you last drove throughout Atlanta, you probably saw many people traveling with adorable dogs hanging their heads out of the window of moving vehicles. It is less likely that you considered what might happen if the dog suddenly distracted the driver by climbing in the driver's lap. Many people have no idea how many car accidents are caused by drivers distracted by unrestrained pets. Pets that are not secured inside a vehicle may cause accidents and even exacerbate the seriousness of a collision when they become flying projectiles.

Can Improvements in Vehicle Safety Make the Roads Safer for Motorcyclists?

February 26, 2017

There is no dispute that motorcycle riders face a greater risk of accidents resulting in serious injuries and even wrongful death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 72 out of every 100,000 registered motorcycle are involved in fatal crashes whereas only 13 in every 100,000 cars are involved in fatal collisions. Unfortunately, the dangers that face motorcyclists seem to be increasing because the percentage of fatal motorcycle collisions are on the rise while sales of motorcycles substantially declined. There may be good news on the way, though, as changes in the motor vehicle safety features of all vehicles may soon make the roads safer for riders.

Maker of Sophie the Giraffe Could Face Lawsuits

February 25, 2017

Our Georgia Product Liability Attorneys Discuss Mold Issues Plaguing Popular Baby Toy

Sophie the Giraffe is a beloved children's teether. The product was first introduced in 1961. Since that time, new parents everywhere have come to consider Sophie a must have for their new baby. Made out of natural rubber and priced high for a teether, the product was commonly thought by parents to be of the highest quality and safety. Recently, however, a frightening discovery occurred when a parent decided to cut open her child's Sophie after noticing it emanated a strong musty smell. She was horrified to find that the chew toy was full of mold. Since her discovery, other parents have opened up their toys to find them filled with mold as well.

Three-Vehicle Accident in Sandy Springs Sends Two People to the Hospital

February 24, 2017

According to a news report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution a Sandy Springs accident has left two people injured and many unanswered questions. During the morning rush hour at the junction of the Georgia 400 and Northridge Road, a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta was attempting to turn left from the westbound lane off of Northridge Road to enter Georgia 400. As the Jetta was turning, it collided with a 2010 Honda Civic that was traveling in the eastbound lane of Northridge Road. The force of this collision pushed both vehicles into a third car, a 2015 BMW that was stopped on the Georgia 400 off-ramp. The impact pushed the BMW down an embankment where the car rested against a wall.

Medical Malpractice - Premature Extubation Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

February 23, 2017

Medical Malpractice - Premature Extubation Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries

The Associated Press recently reported that 92 year-old former-President George H. W. Bush had been extubated and was breathing on his own. Merriam-Webster's medical dictionary defines extubation as the reversal of intubation, a medical procedure during which a tube is place in the windpipe (trachea) for anesthesia and medication during surgery, (ii) gastric suction or (iii) assistance whenever a patient is undergoing diminished breathing capacity. In former President Bush's case, the tube, which was hooked up to a breathing machine, had been inserted because he'd developed pneumonia and was having difficulty breathing on his own.

Douglasville Accident Leaves Two Dead and Others Injured

February 23, 2017

Catastrophic Multi-Vehicle Douglasville Accident Leaves Two Dead and Others Injured on Georgia Highway 92

Georgia has already seen its fair share of tragic and catastrophic accidents in 2017. reported that a five-car accident in Douglasville left two individuals dead, and several others with serious injuries.  Investigators and family members are asking questions as to how and why this accident happened. The chain of events surrounding this horrific accident are as follows:

Common Myths about Child Safety Restraint Systems

February 22, 2017

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys Dispel Common Myths about Child Safety Restraint Systems

While a properly fitted and installed car seat can be a valuable way to make a child safe during a collision, a staggering 80 percent or more of car seats are improperly installed according to the American Association of Pediatrics. When car seats are not properly installed, the life-saving benefits of a child safety restraint system are compromised. Our Atlanta auto accident attorneys recognize there are several reasons that child safety restraints are used incorrectly. The reasons range from a lack of compatibility to unclear instructions. Since car seats often are used in a way to maximize their benefits, our law firm has provided this blog to dispel some common car seat myths.

Thirteen-Year-Old New Hampshire Girl Dies from Undetected Brain Tumor – Family Files Lawsuit

February 21, 2017

Advances in medical care have enabled thousands of patients to survive conditions that they would not otherwise overcome. The advances in diagnostic imaging have been particularly helpful for identifying internal problems that cannot be evaluated by looking at a patient or documenting that patient's subjective symptoms. While many people have doctors and hospitals to thank for saving their lives, there are many people out there who have suffered at the expense of medical care that has fallen short.

Young Man Suffers Fatal Injuries Following Snowy Tractor-Trailer Accident in Maine

February 21, 2017

While a significant portion of the United States has had a mild winter with minimal snow, the Northeast part of the country has continued to get slammed by a cold, icy and snowy winter. This weather has made it difficult for many drivers to feel safe on the roadways when trying to get from point A to point B. Weather always has the potential to be a contributing factor to catastrophic and deadly auto accidents, and it is important to take all possible steps to prevent an accident when driving in bad weather.

Dismissal of Lawsuit That Indicated Snapchat Was Immune from Distracted Driving Injury Claim

February 20, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Recent Dismissal of Lawsuit That Indicated Snapchat Was Immune from Distracted Driving Injury Claim

Distracted driving continues to cause a significant number of motor vehicle accidents each year. Cell phones have become the most deadly cause of multi-tasking behind the wheel. At any moment in time, an estimated 660,000 people are using cell phones or manipulating portable electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle, according to the federal government distracted driving website. This high number of distracted drivers is concerning because motorists avert their eyes for an average of five seconds when texting. Vehicles traveling at a rate of 55 miles per hour can cover the length of a football field in this period of time. The number of ways a cell phone can interfere with a driver's attention is almost as limitless as the "apps" that can be purchased. In this blog article, we analyze the recent dismissal of a Georgia lawsuit involving a seriously injured crash victim who sued Snapchat, alleging that the company's website enticed the other driver to multi-task and speed.

Georgia Drivers: Beware of Black Ice

February 20, 2017

As temperatures drop across Georgia and much of the United States, ice has become a major concern for drivers. Black ice has recently caused problems across the Atlanta metro area, requiring treatment of roads and re-routing of traffic. The ice was even more problematic due to its sporadic nature; drivers did not know what to expect because ice was spread around and hard to spot.

The Increased Risk of Collisions Involving Drivers With ADHD

February 19, 2017

Gwinnett County Car Accident Lawyers Discuss the Increased Risk of Collisions Involving Drivers with ADHD

Many adults and children in Georgia suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD,) which impairs their ability to focus their attention. The National Resource Center on ADHD (CHADD) indicates that individuals who suffer from this condition tend to receive more traffic citations and car accidents. While there are strategies that the afflicted can use to mitigate this risk, motorists with ADHD should be aware of their condition and the impact on driving ability and concentration. In this blog, our experienced Gwinnett County Accident Lawyers consider the way ADHD impacts traffic safety and liability stemming from collisions caused by the condition.

The Danger Posed by Overloaded Tractor-Trailers

February 18, 2017

Atlanta Trucking Accident Lawyers Examine Danger Posed by Overloaded Tractor-Trailers

Because tractor-trailers frequently outweigh a passenger car by 25 times or more, collisions involving large trucks often cause permanent injury or wrongful death. Because of the potential for catastrophic injury and horrific carnage, federal regulations impose maximum weight limits to reduce the number and severity of crashes involving big-rigs. The State of Georgia adopted the federal regulations governing commercial vehicles with a weight of 10,001 pounds or more in 1972. Pursuant to these regulations, tractor-trailers must stop at weigh stations for inspection when traveling on Georgia roadways. In this blog article, our Atlanta trucking accident lawyers examine the threat to public safety posed by overweight tractor-trailers.

Dangers of Large Passenger Vans and Federal Safety Recommendations

February 17, 2017

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Highlight Dangers of Large Passenger Vans and Federal Safety Recommendations

While large passenger vans continue to constitute a significant cause of serious injury and fatalities, these dangerous vehicles are still used by many community organizations to transport passengers to and from events and on short excursions. Manufacturers of twelve and fifteen passenger vans have long been aware of the dangers, but many dangerous vans continue to travel the roadways of Georgia, putting passengers at risk of serious injury. In this blog article, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers highlight recent evidence that reinforces prior concerns about the safety of large passenger vans.

Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Review Georgia DRAM Shop Law

February 17, 2017

Despite the enormous threat to the safety of motorists on Georgia roadways, far too many people continue to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While 300,000 people drive drunk every day in the U.S., a mere 3,200 of these drivers are arrested according to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These drunk drivers claim the lives of 127 people a day and cause injury to many more. Victims of drunk drivers often consider a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the intoxicated motorist. This approach might not result in financial compensation or justice, so our experienced Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyers discuss the situations where a DUI accident victim can pursue a claim for damages against the bar or restaurant that provided alcohol to the intoxicated driver.

The Takata Airbag Recall – Manufacturer Hit with $1 Billion Fine

February 16, 2017

More than 64 million Takata airbags have been recalled in the United States, affecting a significant number of automakers that sell vehicles both inside and outside the United States. In 2015, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ("NHTSA") began a national recall of certain Takata airbags that have been linked to eleven deaths and more than 180 injuries.

The Value of Child Safety Restraints in Car Safety

February 16, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Remind of the Value of Child Safety Restraints

Motor vehicle accidents reported to police claimed the lives of 21,132 people in a recent one-year period. Tragically, fifteen (15) percent of the passengers who died in auto accidents were children, youths, or young adults according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The toll that motor vehicle accidents take on children is reflected in the fact that these accidents rank third regarding years of life lost (behind only heart disease and cancer). Vehicular accidents also rank as the leading cause of death for children age four and the second leading cause of death of children age three and every age from five through age fourteen.

Eating and Driving Might be Greater Danger to Traffic Safety Than Cell Phones

February 15, 2017

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Observes Eating and Driving Might be Greater Danger to Traffic Safety Than Cell Phones

Enormous efforts have been undertaken to get cell phones out of the hands of drivers. These strategies include public awareness campaigns, laws imposing steep fines, and media coverage of the tragic results of distracted driving. While cell phones still pose a significant threat to public safety, this focus on portable electronic gadgets has ignored the risk of other types of distractions. Eating and drinking behind the wheel of a motor vehicle might constitute the most prevalent and dangerous form of distracted driving. In this blog article, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers explore the dangers associated with eating and driving.

Information for Tailgating Accident Victims

February 15, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Offer Information for Tailgating Accident Victims

While there are many forms of unsafe driving, the practice of tailgating is one of the most dangerous forms of driving behavior. Tailgating is defined as traveling too close to the vehicle in front of you. This unsafe driving practice increases the probability of a crash because the driver sacrifices critical moments to perform evasive actions or to brake to avoid a collision. Because of this heightened risk of causing an auto accident, Georgia and most states make this driving practice a traffic offense. In this blog article, our Atlanta auto accident attorneys offer consumers facts about tailgating accidents.

Victims in Tesla Crash Could Not Be Promptly Rescued Because of Exploding Batteries

February 14, 2017

Rescue of Car Crash Victims Hampered Because of Exploding Batteries

Rescuers responding to the crash of a Tesla electric vehicle in Indianapolis this week were reportedly held at bay for a time due to the car's batteries exploding, creating a safety hazard to rescuers. A Tesla electric car being driven by a 27-year-old woman and carrying a male passenger in his forties crashed into a tree and parking garage before catching fire. As the Tesla vehicle burned, the car's battery – which consisted of many smaller lithium batteries – caught fire and began to explode "like Roman candles," according to the USA Today story.

Steps To Take After a Hit-and-Run Crash in Georgia

February 13, 2017

Hit-and-Run Crashes Can Affect Anyone

Even Hollywood celebrities are not immune from the trauma and harm that can result from a hit-and-run accident. Earlier this month, a driver struck a vehicle in which celebrity Chrissy Teigen was riding as a passenger, according to US Weekly. The driver is then alleged to have fled the scene of the accident. Teigen was fortunately not injured and a suspect was later arrested on suspicion of having caused the hit-and-run crash.

South Carolina Workplace Accident Leaves One Man Dead and Two Others Seriously Injured

February 13, 2017

Certain jobs by their very nature are more dangerous than others. Jobs that involve working at plants that utilize large and complex machinery can pose a greater risk of employees suffering injuries. Additionally, high temperatures are often used in the manufacturing process, and this can be an additional danger that employees are exposed to. A recent South Carolina workplace accident has left one 63-year-old man dead and two other workers injured, according to a local news report.

The Extreme Danger Posed by Distracted Truck Drivers in Georgia

February 12, 2017

Drivers that do not devote their full attention to the road put others with whom they share the roadways at risk, but this risk is never greater than when the vehicle being operated by a distracted driver is an 80,000 pound fully loaded tractor-trailer combination. A prominent Kentucky tractor-trailer accident that was widely reported by the national media provides a compelling example of the life-altering impact of distracted truck drivers. The truck driver crossed into oncoming traffic before colliding head on with a passenger van. Ten vehicle occupants in the van had their joyous caravan to a family wedding instantly turned into a terrible tragedy when they died in the collision, according to NBC News.

Understanding the Restrictions on Alcohol Use by Truck Drivers

February 12, 2017

Most commercial truck drivers are law-abiding and safe when traveling.  Commercial drivers that operate tractor-trailers may cause horrific trucking accidents when they operate their enormous vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. In order to protect other vehicle occupants, there are strict regulations that pertain to alcohol and drug use by commercial drivers. These rules are designed to keep alcohol-impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel of a big-rig. Nonetheless, both truck drivers and trucking companies sometimes disregard these regulations with tragic results.

Fatigue and Sleep-Deprivation May Have Been the Cause of Deadly Arkansas Freight Train Accident

February 11, 2017

Train accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, but sleep deprivation and sleep-related disorders have been involved in many recent train accidents. According to USA Today, a report issued last month by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) provides investigative details into a deadly train accident that occurred in Arkansas more than two years ago.

Early Morning Gwinnett Wrong-Way Accident Leaves One Atlanta Man Fatally Injured

February 10, 2017

January has already seen a tragic start for many who have been injured in recent auto accidents as well as the families of those who have lost their lives in recent auto accidents. An Atlanta family is mourning the loss of a 44-year-old man who suffered fatal injuries following a wrong-way accident that took place on I-85 near Jimmy Carter Boulevard in the early morning hours on a January Monday. A surviving passenger to this man's vehicle suffered a broken arm and perforated bowel.

Leading Safety Issues in Georgia Tractor-Trailer Accidents

February 10, 2017

The unique character of tractor-trailers makes for unprecedented safety issues for other motorists with whom these extremely long and enormously heavy vehicles share Georgia roadways. While there are many factors that can play a role in a Georgia tractor-trailer collision, there are certain safety factors that are particularly problematic. When a person in a passenger vehicle is involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer, the results will almost always be severe injury for the passenger vehicle occupant. Though tractor-trailers are involved in a disproportionately high number of collisions given how many of these vehicles are on the roadways, virtually all of the collision can be linked to a number of specific safety issues.

Jury Awards Surviving Nurse of Fatal Georgia Southern Trucking Accident $15 Million

February 09, 2017

Many Georgians may remember when we discussed the catastrophic tractor-trailer accident that killed five Georgia Southern University nursing students almost two years ago in April of 2015. This horrific accident occurred when the driver of a tractor trailer going 70 miles per hour failed to stop when cars were at a standstill in front of him. The impact of the accident left five innocent nursing students dead and two other nursing students seriously injured.

Final Report Released in Tesla Autopilot Crash

February 09, 2017

NHTSA Clears Tesla and Its Autopilot System

Following an eight-month investigation into the death of a Tesla driver killed while driving a vehicle with the company's signature "Autopilot" system active, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released its final report, according to the New York Times. In that report, NHTSA declared that the Autopilot system functioned as intended and that there were no design or manufacturing defects that contributed to the crash. The crash occurred when a motorist driving a Tesla vehicle struck a tractor-trailer that was driving perpendicular to the Tesla vehicle across a highway. Neither the Autopilot system nor the driver detected the semi-truck before the collision, but NHTSA nonetheless concluded that the Autopilot system functioned as it was intended to function.

Update on Baltimore School Bus Accident: NTSB Says School Bus Driver Had History of Seizures

February 08, 2017

Many readers may recall that just a few months ago, a catastrophic school bus accident left six people dead (including the school bus driver himself) and eleven other people seriously injured. The cause of this accident was not immediately known. After time to evaluate and review the available information, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued an initial report finding that the driver of the Baltimore school bus suffered a seizure only one week before the accident in November 2016, according to CBS News.

NHTSA Study Finds Traffic Fatalities are on the Rise

February 08, 2017

Numbers are Cause to Issue a "Call for Action"

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a study last month indicating that the number of individuals who died in motor vehicle accidents throughout the United States from January 2016 to September 2016 was eight percent higher than the number of traffic-related fatalities for the same period during 2015. Whereas 25,808 individuals perished in traffic collisions between January 2015 and September 2015, that number had risen to 27,875 for January 2016 to September 2016. A representative of NHTSA asserted that the numbers represented a "crisis" requiring a national "call for action."

Atlanta Single-Vehicle Accident Leaves Driver With Catastrophic Injuries and Passenger Child Unharmed

February 07, 2017

A 49-year-old man is tragically on life support after suffering catastrophic head injuries following a recent single-vehicle accident on I-75. According to the local news report, the man was ejected from the vehicle when he slammed into the highway's median and flipped over onto the exit ramp from northbound I-75 to Langford Parkway. There was a four-year-old child in the vehicle at the time of the accident, but luckily the child survived the accident unharmed. Numerous variables likely played a role in this accident, and the outcome could have been much worse for the innocent young child.

Does my Child Have to Wear a Helmet While Riding an Electric Scooter?

February 06, 2017

Does my Child Have to Wear a Helmet While Riding an Electric Scooter?

Electric motorcycles and scooters have evolved to become more than only simple transportation. They have also become a popular play activity for young children. Wikipedia defines a Electric motorcycles and scooters as "plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels powered by electricity." Just about all electric scooters and motorcycles have an rechargeable battery to power the electric motor. The difference between electric motorcycle and electric scooters is the frame. Electric scooter include a "step-through frame." The speed can range from 4 MPH to 35 MPH.

Role of Braking Systems in Causing or Preventing Georgia Motorcycle Accidents

February 06, 2017

If you choose to ride a motorcycle as a source of transportation for commuting or recreation on the weekends, you are forced to accept the basic reality that no matter what you do you are less safe than occupants of other motor vehicles. There are many factors that can cause a motorcycle accident, including an inexperienced rider, distracted or intoxicated driver and even a defective motorcycle. One weakness of some motorcycles on the road is the lack of anti-lock brake systems (ABS).

Trucking Accident in Chicago Leaves Many Unanswered Questions

February 05, 2017

Like Georgia, Illinois is a state that sees its fair share of trucking accidents each year, with many of those trucking accidents being fatal. A recent accident involving four trucks and one passenger vehicle tragically left three people dead and many people asking who was to blame for the accident that closed a busy Illinois Highway for hours, according to a local news report. The chain reaction accident occurred southwest of Chicago and two vehicles involved in the accident caught fire. Two occupants of the one passenger vehicle involved lost their lives as well as one occupant of one of the semi-trucks. The cause of this accident is not yet known, and it will certainly be a complicated and lengthy process to investigate fully what went wrong.

Louisiana Woman Files Suit Against Police Department for Injuries Sustained in Car Accident

February 04, 2017

Louisiana Woman Files Suit Against Police Department for Injuries Sustained in Car Accident

A woman who suffered injuries in a car accident has filed suit against multiple parties including the driver of the vehicle she was a passenger in, two insurance companies, the police department, and the police officer driving the vehicle. As the woman was traveling on a Louisiana highway, a police vehicle traveling without its emergency lights flashing struck the side of the vehicle in which the woman was a passenger. The driver of the vehicle that was struck failed to yield to the police vehicle. Little details are known as to whether or not the police officer or the other driver had the right of way. Such facts will likely come to light as the lawsuit progresses.

Quadriplegic Still Rehabilitating from Horrific Florida Bicycle Accident

February 04, 2017

Quadriplegic Still Rehabilitating from Horrific Florida Bicycle Accident More Than Two Years Later

A Florida man continues to rehabilitate in a Georgia facility after a bicycle accident left him paralyzed nearly two and a half years ago. The man does not recall how the accident occurred and only remembers waking up while lying on his back. The man's brother believes the bicyclist may have hit a rock while riding the bicycle in a park, causing part of the bicycle to snap in half. Whatever may have caused the accident, the man is still recovering and still asking questions that have no good answers.

Children Are Vulnerable Dog Bite Victims

February 03, 2017

Georgia ranks fairly high when it comes to the number of dog bite cases each year based on the number of insurance claims that are filed. A young girl's story is yet another example of how prevalent dog bites are, and how children make up at least half of all dog bite victims in Georgia. As a three-year-old was petting a small mix breed dog with the owners' permission, the dog's originally nice demeanor quickly changed as the dog latched onto the girl's face, and bit her around one of her eyes. The attack occurred without any warning, and the young girl and her mother had no reason to believe the dog would attack given that the dog's owners gave permission for the young girl to pet the dog. The dog owners quickly left the scene after the young girl suffered the bite wound, and authorities are still looking for them.

Young Man Killed in Atlanta Area Workplace Accident

February 03, 2017

Young Man Killed in Atlanta Area Workplace Accident – Are Legal Options Available to Family Members?

This year has already had a tragic start for a young man and his family. A 25-year-old Augusta man suffocated to death after falling in a trench while working at a home building construction site. Dirt quickly filled up the trench after the young man fell in, making it impossible for the man to breathe. This is the type of accident that nobody ever wants to happen, but it is also the type of accident that does happen on construction worksites all over the country.

Star Trek Actor's Parents to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler Over Recent Car Accident

February 02, 2017

Star Trek Actor's Parents to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Fiat Chrysler Over Recent Car Accident

Many people have become aware of the untimely and tragic death of the actor Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the Star Trek reboot. The actor was killed recently in his driveway, and the death was presumably caused by a defect in his Jeep. The actor had put his Jeep in park and stepped outside the car, and even though the Jeep was in the park position, the vehicle nonetheless rolled away towards the actor, crushing him against the gate and mailbox of his home.

Pokémon Go – A New Cause of Dangerous Car Accidents?

February 02, 2017

Pokémon Go – A New Cause of Dangerous Car Accidents? 

Pokémon Go has recently gained attention worldwide and has done so at an exponential rate. It's only been a few weeks since the Pokémon Go craze began and there has already been an accident involving the game. Notably, a recent car accident in Australia occurred when a 19-year-old man playing Pokémon Go crashed through a fence and into a school building. Nobody was injured in this accident, but it still demonstrates that a new form of distracted driving may begin to surface throughout the world.

Tips to Minimize Injury to Your Child If An Accident Occurs.

February 01, 2017

For parents whose children ride to school every morning on the familiar yellow school bus, one of the most terrifying items of breaking news is hearing that a school bus has been involved in a crash. The image of a child, perhaps yours, being thrown around a bus, or maybe even killed, is horrifying.

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