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Blog Archive - December, 2012

18 Articles

New Year's Eve App Provides Access to Free Rides Homes

December 28, 2012

Drunken driving fatalities rise during the New Year's Eve holiday so it is a time to be very careful on Georgia roadways. Although DUI traffic fatalities in Georgia fell eleven percent during 2010, drunken driving accidents remain a serious problem during the New Year’s holiday, which often is filled with holiday celebrations where alcohol flows freely.

Space Heaters Pose a Serious Danger to Unsuspecting Families

December 16, 2012

While the changing calendar means approaching holidays, it also means chilly weather and strategies to stay warm. Space heaters provide a common method of fighting frigid weather. Although these portable heaters can provide relief from the frigid cold, they also pose serious potential hazards including fire, burns and exposure to carbon monoxide.

Gwinnett County Trucking Accident Reminds of the Dangers of Carriage Underride Collisions

December 16, 2012

Our Gwinnett County truck accident attorneys understand that crashes involving tractor-trailers generally cause devastating permanent injuries because of the massive disparity in size, weight and length between a passenger car and a commercial truck. Big-rigs navigating Georgia roadways may tip the scales at 80,000 pounds when transporting a maximum load and reach a length of 48 feet.

Travis Marshall Named 2012 Montlick & Associates Athlete of the Year; Chattahoochee High School Receives $5,000 from Montlick & Associates!

December 14, 2012

Georgia Accident Attorneys Montlick & Associates is proud to award Travis Marshall, Chattahoochee High School Quarterback, as the "2012 Montlick & Associates' Athlete of the Year!" We commend Travis for his performance both on the football field and in the classroom, as well as his commitment to serve our country in the future. We wish Travis all the best as he continues his football career at the collegiate level at the US Naval Academy.

Anti-Bullying Music Video Sponsored by Montlick & Associates Has Over 1 Million YouTube Views. Message Gives Hope to Bully Victims Worldwide

December 14, 2012

10-year-old music singer/songwriter Jolie Montlick provides a heartfelt and empowering message of kindness, compassion and hope for bully victims around the world in her music video "My Song for Taylor Swift." In the two months since its release, Jolie's anti-bullying music video has gone viral, reaching well over 1,000,000 views on YouTube, with viewers in 128 countries. With its catchy tune and inspiring lyrics, both Jolie's song and uplifting music video encourage kids to take proactive measures to end bullying, and to also help those struggling with the problem. The song also pays tribute to singer and songwriter Taylor Swift, who has made it publically known that she, too, was bullied as a child. The production of the video was sponsored by the Georgia Personal Injury Law Firm of Montlick & Associates and the firm's Chief Executive Officer, David Montlick was the Producer.

Georgia Injury Lawyers, Montlick & Associates, Sponsors Car Safety Check - Experts from Safe America to Perform 10-Point Auto Inspection, December 15th in Roswell GA

December 06, 2012

As part of its ongoing commitment to public service and family safety, Montlick & Associates, Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers, is sponsoring a free auto safety check, Saturday, December 15th from 11am to 5pm at the DEKRA Auto Inspection Center, 4704 Woodstock Road in Roswell, Georgia. Experts from the Safe America Foundation will perform a 10-point inspection including a check of tires, belts, brakes and other key parts, compliments of Montlick & Associates.

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Surgically Retained Instruments and the Onset of Electronic Tracking Technology

December 06, 2012

While working a night shift back in 2005, Sophia Savage, a 59-year-old nurse in Kentucky, began to experience a severe “crushing” like pain in her abdominal region that caused her to become violently ill. Having no idea what the source of the problem was, Savage decided to undergo a CT scan, which revealed that a surgical instrument had been lodged in her abdominal cavity.

Georgia Recreational Property Act: A Powerful Personal Injury Defense

December 05, 2012

Warm weather means outdoor recreational activities including camping, hiking, swimming, fishing and similar activities. People in recreational areas throughout Georgia engage in such activities, and sometimes personal injury accidents occur on private or public property held open to the public for such recreational activity. Although an owner of public property or a public entity may be liable for personal injuries that occur on their property based on premises liability law, Georgia, like many states, has a recreational use statute that may bar liability on certain land under specific circumstances.

Should Georgia Owners of Vicious Dog Breeds Be Required to Carry Insurance?

December 05, 2012

A vicious pit bull mauling in San Diego, CA last year has refocused national attention on the issues of ownership of dangerous dog breeds and the prevention of vicious maulings. According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two joggers were attacked by a pack of pit bulls with one of the joggers being repeatedly attacked; he reportedly had large chunks of flesh torn from his legs.

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