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Blog Archive - July, 2011

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Effective Strategies to Avoid Atlanta Bicycle Accidents

July 31, 2011

With summer in full swing, many bicyclists are enjoying the weather with nightly family bike rides and other bicycle excursions. For motorists, bicycles can be extremely difficult to see because they are small and can easily disappear into a driver’s blind spot. While some drivers consider cyclists annoying traffic obstructions, most drivers are careful and cautious.

Critical Role of Seatbelts in SUV Rollover Accidents

July 26, 2011

A recent tire blowout accident in Florida resulted in the tragic death of a Georgia woman. According to law enforcement authorities, the Norcross, GA woman was ejected from her SUV, a 2002 GMC Yukon, when the vehicle suffered a tire blowout which caused an SUV rollover accident. The SUV rollover accident victim’s two children were also injured and hospitalized. Law enforcement reports indicate that the children were not wearing seatbelts.

Beware of Tractor-Trailer Blind Spots

July 26, 2011

It is probably no surprise to a lot of drivers that a tractor-trailer truck has many blind spots that impair a truck driver’s ability to see a car when the car is in that "blind spot". It is every truck driver's responsibility to have some knowledge and respect for where these blind spots are when driving these massive trucks.

Punitive Damages in Georgia Trucking Accidents

July 13, 2011

Punitive damages are awarded in legal cases as a way of punishing the wrongdoer(s) and to try to deter them from engaging in extremely egregious conduct. Punitive damages are usually only awarded when the person committing the wrongful conduct did so in a reckless manner, with little or no regard to the consequences.

Liability in a Georgia Ambulance Accident

July 08, 2011

Ambulance drivers have a huge responsibility to get people they are transporting to the hospital as fast as possible so that they can receive the medical care that they need. They also have a responsibility to drive with care on the way and not endanger other motorist's and other innocent people's lives in the process.

Georgia Number Four State Nationally in Accident Costs

July 02, 2011

Despite efforts in Georgia to reduce car accidents, data compiled by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that Georgia has the distinction of being one of the states that lead the nation in auto accident costs. Georgia auto accident costs are approximately $1.5 billion per year, which is fourth highest in the U.S.

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