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Apartment Balcony Railing Failure Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

Balcony railings are a required safety feature on apartment balconies in Georgia. Balcony railings help prevent people from accidentally falling off of a balcony. Many people entrust the safety of their families to management and maintenance staff at apartment complexes to ensure loose or damaged railing is fixed or replaced. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and people sustain life-threatening falls. If you or a loved one leaned on an apartment's balcony railing, and it gave way, causing a fall, contact Monltick Injury Attorney for your free consultation. 

When someone is injured, they will typically suffer damages such as lost wages, medical expenses, pain, and suffering. If the incident is caused by negligence, the victim might be able to recover compensation through a balcony fall lawsuit in Georgia. These cases may also be pursued in most states. 

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a balcony railing failure accident, contact Montlick Injury Attorneys for your free consultation. 

The Duties That Georgia Apartment Owners Have to Keep Their Property Safe

Regardless of whether a property is an apartment complex, residential home, rental home, hotel, or any other type of dwelling, the property owner owes their occupants and guests certain legal duties. These duties include the duty to perform safety checks of their property, including balcony railings. As part of the safety inspection, balcony railings should be checked to ensure no hazardous conditions. If a hazardous condition is discovered, the property's owner should take steps to repair the dangerous condition. For example, if an apartment owner or their maintenance crew discovers that the railing on an apartment balcony may fail if leaned on, the apartment owner or management should immediately repair the balcony railing to make it safe so no one is injured. Failure to repair the railing could make the apartment owner liable for injuries or deaths caused by the dangerous condition.

An apartment building owner could also choose to keep visitors and tenants away from the hazardous condition. For example, an apartment owner could require the tenant to move to a more safe apartment. 

Holding an Apartment Owners Responsible for Balcony Railing Failures

State laws concerning apartment building owner liability in balcony accidents vary from state to state. Some states require claimants to prove negligence on the part of an apartment building owner before filing a lawsuit to recover medical expenses and related costs sustained by the railing injury victim. Negligence is established through the testimony of witnesses and evidence that proves:

  1. The apartment building owner owed the injury victim a "duty of care." The apartment owner owes tenants and guests certain duties of care concerning the safety of their property;
  2. The apartment owner acted negligently or recklessly and failed to follow through on the "duty of care;" and
  3. The apartment owner's negligent actions caused the victim's injuries.

These seem like simple requests, but these elements can be challenging to prove without having an experienced personal injury attorney. Negligent apartment owners usually defend themselves by claiming that they performed all the required safety inspections and they didn't know the railing was defective when it failed. Proving notice of the dangerous condition can be challenging. Your attorney should be ready to counter these defenses with witnesses and evidence that proves the apartment owner did not adequately perform safety inspections as required.

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