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Construction Accident Lawyers Serving Albany, Georgia

Construction Injury & Accident Lawyers Serving Albany, Georgia Since 1984

Unfortunately, the construction industry is no stranger to accidents. Despite efforts to regulate the industry and safety standards that have been implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction still ranks as one of the most dangerous fields of employment in the United States. The use of heavy machinery, electrical work, working from high up on buildings, and exposure to toxic substances all make construction related injuries difficult to avoid.

Given the nature of the work, when a construction worker is injured on-site, the injuries often tend to be rather serious. At Montlick & Associates, our Albany based attorneys have years of experience representing individuals injured in construction accidents.

Determining Fault at Complicated Construction Worksites

When accidents occur at construction sites, one complication that impacts injured individuals is the question of which party is responsible for the injury. Construction sites often have multiple contractors and subcontractors, and any one of them, or a combination of them might be liable for the accident. Also, it is possible that an engineering firm, an architectural firm could be liable, or even the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that the injured worker was using could also be liable for injuries sustained at the construction site. The many possibilities can also make it difficult to parse out who should be responsible for compensating the injured person.

Does Workers’ Compensation Apply in Construction Accidents?

In most cases, workers’ compensation will apply to a worker injured in a construction accident in Albany. But again, the complicated nature of construction sites can raise some questions as to whether workers’ compensation will be available and, even if so, whether another avenue for compensation might also be available. While employees are entitled to workers’ compensation from their employers, it is possible that someone the employee was not working for was responsible for the accident, in which case a personal injury claim against the third party may be possible, even while the victim is simultaneously pursuing workers’ compensation benefits.

The distinction between workers’ compensation and personal injury claims is significant, because while workers’ compensation is a no-fault system and covers medical costs and some wage loss, it does not provide damages for Pain and Suffering or emotional distress. Workers are prohibited from filing personal injury claims based on negligence against their employers and if the only negligent party in a work-related incident is the injured person’s employer or co-employee, then workers’ compensation is normally the injured worker’s sole remedy. It is possible, however, that the injured worker who is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits can also have a viable claim for negligence against someone on the site who was not the injured workers’ employer. Our attorneys at Montlick & Associates explore ALL avenues of recovery for our clients in order to maximize the value of their cases.

The complexity of construction site accidents and injury claims, and the often-high amount of damages at stake generally make it important for most injured construction workers to seek representation from an experienced attorney. Even in cases of workers’ compensation claims, which do not require proof of fault, claims are often challenged by employers and insurance companies, especially when they involve serious injuries and expensive medical treatments. For this reason, it can be critical for injured construction workers to find an advocate who can work to ensure that they receive the compensation that they are entitled to, and pursue a strategy for recovering compensation that is in their best interest.

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